Questions on Notice No 6337
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 2 December 2021

Question on Notice

Mr Hibbins to ask the Minister for Roads and Road Safety — In regard to the St Kilda Road pedestrian crossing at Alma Road, will the minister ensure that the timing of the pedestrian crossing is adjusted to provide time for pedestrians to cross in one signal phase.

Answered: 15 February 2022
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The Andrews Labor Government recognises the important role that walking plays as part of our transport network. I understand that requiring multiple signal phases to cross major roads can be frustrating for pedestrians.


It is typical for some signalised intersections on major arterial roads to require pedestrians to cross in two phases by waiting safely in the median. The Department of Transport (DoT) balances the needs of all road users depending on the function of the road. St Kilda Road near Alma Street serves as a primary route for cyclists and an important route for trams, freight, and general traffic. Given the width of St Kilda Road, extending the green time for pedestrians to allow single phase crossings of St Kilda Road at Alma Street would result in poor operation of the intersection when considering all road users.


DoT advises me that there are currently no plans to increase the pedestrian crossing time to allow pedestrians to cross St Kilda Road in one signal phase at Alma Street. However, they will continue to monitor the location for both safety and mobility of all road users.





The Hon Ben Carroll MP

Minister for Public Transport

Minister for Roads and Road Safety

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