Extensive classroom activities for VCAL, CGEA, EAL (English as an Additional Language) and adult literacy and numeracy:

Applied Learning (VCAL & CGEA):A Program about Parliamentary Government in Victoria

The following four units are designed to improve literacy and numeracy skills while learning about parliament, government and democracy in Victoria through a range of hands-on activities. They are accompanied by a curriculum mapping document and an answer sheet.

pdf Unit 1 - VCAL & CGEA student program.pdf 1.05 Mb

pdf Unit 2 - VCAL & CGEA student program.pdf 4.89 Mb

pdf Unit 3 - VCAL & CGEA student program.pdf1.19Mb

pdf Unit 4 - VCAL & CGEA student program.pdf 603.91 Kb

pdf Applied Learning VCAL & CGEA curriculum alignment guide.pdf 90.23 Kb

pdf Answers for Units 1-4 VCAL & CGEA.pdf 21.44 Kb


The following four files comprise the 167 page activity book "Adult Literacy & Numeracy Education Program", and an answer sheet.

pdfUnit 1 Adult Literacy & Numeracy workbook.pdf1.85 MB

pdfUnits 2 & 3 Adult Literacy & Numeracy workbook.pdf1.55 MB

pdfUnits 4, 5 and Summary Version Adult Literacy & Numeracy workbook.pdf1.94 MB

pdfAdult Literacy and Numeracy workbook answer sheet.pdf56.77 KB


 The following three files comprise the 151 page book of activities "EAL Materials for Teaching Adult Learners". They are accompanied by files of listening activities.

pdfEAL Workbook Certificate II.pdf2.07 MB

 pdfEAL Workbook Certificate III.pdf

 pdfEAL Workbook Certificate IV.pdf2.56 MB


wma Appointment by phone: slow. Page 15 5.99 Mb

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wma Lecture part A page 129 42.27 Mb

wma Lecture part B page 133


Parliament Explains

How Parliament makes laws


How Parliament's Committees Work


How Parliament's Elections Work



A set of four posters and the Inside the Parliament of Victoria booklet could also be of interest.

An historic overview is also available - From Westminster to Spring Street, as is a series of videos on How a Law is Made.


To obtain copies of any of these resources please contact the Community Engagement Unit.

Phone: (03) 8682 2898