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Primary & secondary workbooks and worksheets

The Activity Workbooks we produce for years 5/6 to10 students are useful resources that are designed to support a visit to Parliament House. We've also created some selected extracts, which have been modified for stand alone use in the classroom. You can download the selected activities and the complete workbooks below.

How a law is made Parliament words Three levels of government What is parliament The LA chamber The LC Chamber

pdfInside Parliament Primary Workbook.pdf 10.93 MB

pdfInside Parliament Secondary Workbook.pdf 4.69 MB


Three Levels of Government

Learn about the three levels of government with our Amazing Adventures interactive stories, where students choose from four different characters, each of whom has to find solutions to their particular challenge. Students work together to figure out what decisions the characters should make.

Aimed at curriculum level 5-8 in Civics & Citizenship, this resource is a great way to get students thinking and learning about the three levels of government.



The Workday Revolution

‘The Workday Revolution’ is a digital learning module that aligns with Levels 7 and 8 of the Civics and Citizenship Victorian Curriculum.

Come and see how young Tommy’s life improved with the introduction of the eight-hour workday in Victoria. Find out how his dad and his workmates agitated for a fair go. Did his mum get a fair go too?

 Workday revolution website





Parliament Explains

How Parliament makes laws

How Parliament's Committees Work

How Parliament's Elections Work



Inside the Parliament of Victoria

Inside the POV cover thumbnail






This 34 page booklet covers all aspects of Victoria’s Parliament, including its place in our state and federal systems of government. A resource for teachers, and also suitable for Year 8 and above students.

pdfInside the Parliament of Victoria booklet.pdf7.55 MB

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Primary Lesson Plans

Lesson plans from level 3 to level 6 tailored to meet the Victorian Curriculum achievement standards in civics and citizenship.

pdfLevel 3 & 4 How and Why People Make Rules.pdf2.83 MB

pdfLevel 3 & 4 Symbols & Emblems.pdf3.81 MB

pdfLevel 3 & 4 Values in Symbols.pdf2.88 MB

pdfLevel 5 & 6 Democratic Values.pdf2.18 MB

pdfLevel 5 & 6 Leadership.pdf3.21 MB


Secondary Lesson Plans

 Lesson plans from level 7 to level 10 tailored to meet the Victorian Curriculum achievement standards in civics and citizenship.

pdfLevel 7 & 8 Citizens and Influence.pdf3.09 MB

pdfLevel 7 & 8 Contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Peoples.pdf654.55 KB

pdfLevel 7 & 8 Representative Democracy.pdf1.97 MB

pdfLevel 9 & 10 Defend Your Position.pdf2.46 MB

pdfLevel 9 & 10 Participation Case Study.pdf2.00 MB



A set of posters introducing Members of the Legislative Council, Legislative Assembly, Members Born Overseas and Victorian Electorates.

These resources graphically illustrate the idea of representation to students.

  LA posterLC posterBorn overseas posterElectorate poster


 To obtain copies, please contact the Community Engagement and Education Unit.

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