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Focus on

Are you looking for a quick overview of the issues being considered by the Victorian Parliament? This series will bring together links to a range of resources around a central topic, along with discussion points and questions for your class. This first instalment explores a current committee inquiry and is appropriate for Legal Studies unit 4, area of study 2, outcome 2: The people, the parliament and the courts.

pdfFocus on - committees.pdf


Lesson plans

A series of lesson plans aligned to the VCE Legal Studies curriculum (2018-2022), relevant to Unit 4, AOS 1, Outcome 1, and Unit 4, AOS 2, Outcome 2.

Unit 4, Area of Study 1, Outcome 1: Roles of the Crown and Houses of Parliament

pdfUnit 4 AOS 1 - Teacher Guide.pdf668.31 KB

pdfUnit 4 AOS 1 - Roles of the Crown and Houses of the Victorian Parliament in Law-Making: Student Learning Activity.pdf705.33 KB

Unit 4, Area of Study 2, Outcome 2: The People, the Parliament and the Courts

pdfUnit 4 AOS 2 - Teacher Guide.pdf477.28 KB

pdfUnit 4 AOS 2 Module 1 - Introduction to Parliamentary Commitees: Student Learning Activities.pdf664.56 KB

pdfUnit 4 AOS 2 Module 2 - Committee inquiry on lowering the driving age: Student Learning Activities.pdf753.42 KB

pdfUnit 4 AOS 2 Module 3 - Committee into end of life choices: Student Learning Activities.pdf776.48 KB

pdfUnit 4 AOS 2 Module 4 - Evaluating the effectiveness of a committee to influence law reform: Student Learning Activities.pdf1.17 MB

  pdfUnit 4 AOS 2 Module 5 - Inquiry into Medically Supervised Injecting Centres: Student Learning    Activities.pdf1.09 MB


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