PHOTO 2021 - Just wanted you to know

Photo 2021 artwork by Eliza Hutchison

Photo 2021 is a festival of photography that features artists from across Australia and around the world. There are currently 94 exhibitions and projects on display across Victoria, including here on the steps of Parliament House.

'Just wanted you to know' is an artwork by Parliament’s first ever photographer in residence, Eliza Hutchison, that explores political, personal and cultural narratives told through a montage of photographs and graphics. Eliza creates associations between these areas of our lives by finding both the commonalities and contrasts.

The work will be on display until 15 March and we've created a resource that we hope will provide inspiration to consider similar themes with your students in a visual form.

The included activities are easily adaptable to different grade or year levels and are also quite flexible in how much time they can take. Some clear links to the Victorian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship ‘Citizenship, diversity and identity’ strand, but could be used across any number of subject areas, such as English, Humanities, Arts and also the Victorian Curriculum: Science ‘Science as a human endeavour' strand.

Photo 2021 Education Resource Cover

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