How a law is made - Primary

How a law is made - Grades 3 and 4

The 'How a Law is Made' resource is specifically designed with grades 3 & 6 in mind. The activities look at why we have rules and laws and the differences between them. This can be used in conjunction with our video 'Parliament of Victoria explains: How Parliament makes laws', with some questions to help student understanding of this process.

If you're looking to dig a little deeper, we've also provided a brief overview of the law commonly known as 'Oscar's Law' and some links to the Committee Inquiry and Government report. This could also be used as a case study for exploring how a law is made.

Alternatively, the Legislative Council Economy and Infrastructure Committee are currently conducting an inquiry into the use of school buses in rural and regional Victoria. This could be a great case study (no matter where you live) for the role committees play in making laws. And, if you live in a rural or regional area of Victoria you may like to work with students on making a submission to the Committee. Submissions are open until Friday 25 June 2021. More information, including the terms of reference for the inquiry and the process of making a submission, can be found on the inquiry webpage.

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