Parliament Prize Taking action: Evaluating the options

Springboard Aug2021 ParlPrize

Entries for the Parliament Prize have closed for another year. And while judging is well underway, we thought we share with you some of the insights so far from the competition, including the number of students and schools who participated and a glimpse at some of the really interesting topics and issues students spoke about.

If you’re looking for an extension activity for the class or for students who are wanting to take further action on their issue, the ‘Taking action: Evaluating the options’ resource below has been specifically designed with that in mind. Students explore different ways of taking action, evaluate the benefits and consequences of different actions and consider ways different actions may complement each other. While it is targeted at the middle years Civics and Citizenship curriculum, there are a number of questions and examples of action that can be used flexibly with students from a range of year levels, or used across curriculum areas or as part of extra-curricular activities.


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