Research tips for the Parliament Prize 2021

Research tips for the 2021 Parliament Prize

In the lead up to the launch of our annual Parliament Prize competition on 31 May, we've been developing resources to help you make the most of this learning opportunity in your classroom.

Last month we provided some ideas to help students identify a topic for the Parliament Prize. In this edition we've provided some research tips that aim to help students further develop and expand upon their issue or topic of choice.

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Faces of Parliament - Pablo Diaz

Opening the front door of Parliament House

For a group of people who are customer-facing, engaging with the community through screens rather than face-to-face was something that everyone needed to adjust to, especially given what Pablo and the team consider to be the core purpose of their role: connecting people to Parliament.

“It’s the people’s house, there’s a lot of history here. Parliament isn’t just about history though, it's actually a contemporary place in terms of the legislative work that's done here. It is accessible to everybody, it’s beautiful in terms of architecture, and people definitely connect with that aspect, but it’s what’s happening here right now - seeing history being made - that's really exciting.”

In 2020, the team spent six weeks designing online incursions to ensure there were still opportunities for students to learn about the work of Parliament. The resulting program has now connected with more than 200 schools and has proved so popular that it is now offered on an ongoing basis.

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Parliament Prize teacher resource

Parliament Prize teacher resource

The Parliament Prize is back in 2021! Our annual competition invites Victorian school students to consider what they would say in Parliament if they were an MP, and submit a 90-second video of their own Member statement.

Based on feedback from teachers last year, we have created a new resource to support student’s entry into the Parliament Prize. This will assist students to develop their capacity in writing their Member Statement; consider how they might generate ideas so that they can identify relevant state-based issues or topic; and determine how they can produce a well-rounded video presentation.

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PHOTO 2021 - Just wanted you to know

Photo 2021 artwork by Eliza Hutchison

Photo 2021 is a festival of photography that features artists from across Australia and around the world. There are currently 94 exhibitions and projects on display across Victoria, including here on the steps of Parliament House.

'Just wanted you to know' is an artwork by Parliament’s first ever photographer in residence, Eliza Hutchison, that explores political, personal and cultural narratives told through a montage of photographs and graphics. Eliza creates associations between these areas of our lives by finding both the commonalities and contrasts.

The work will be on display until 15 March and we've created a resource that we hope will provide inspiration to consider similar themes with your students in a visual form.

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First Women of Politics and Parliament

millie peacockIn honour of International Women’s Day 2021, we take a closer look at the first woman elected to the Parliament of Victoria Lady Millie Peacock. The story looks at her life in politics and asks students to explore what impact women – whether in public political life or working behind the scenes – have had on Parliament of Victoria and on all Victorians. Regardless of whether we’re aware of their lasting legacies or not, these women – Lady Millie Peacock, the women referred to in the activities, and many more – were and are, pioneers in politics and parliament.

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