Previous Public Hearings

Tuesday 11th April 2006: Benalla Performing Arts & Convention Centre

1.00 – 1.20

  • Rowena Allen, CEO, Cutting Edge Youth Services

1.20 – 1.40

  • John Brown AO, Chairman, Champions of the Bush, Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard

1.50 – 2.15

  • Elin Ree, Manager Community Services, Strathbogie Shire
  • Katie Moran, Young Citizen of the Year 2006, Strathbogie Shire

2.20 – 3.00

  • Jane Archbold, Convener, Benalla Youth Service Providers Network
  • Stacey Lord, Project Officer, Local Learning & Employment Network
  • Alan Foster, Manager, Youth Services, Wodonga City Council
  • David Irving, Youth Services, Wodonga City Council
  • Glenyis Stawiarski, CEO, North East Support & Action for Youth

3.30 – 4.10

  • Peter Ryan, CEO, Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE
  • Kerry Ford, Liaison Officer, Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE
  • Kellie Smith, Student of the Year 2004, Independent youth representatives
  • Henry Stuart, Former student, Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE

4.15 – 4.30

  • Jennifer Hippisley, Executive Officer, Goulburn Regional Youth Affairs Network, Goulburn Murray LLEN

4.30 – 4.50

  • Wayne Weaire, Chair, Tomorrow: Today Foundation
  • Barbara Alexander, Executive Officer, Tomorrow: Today Foundation

5.00 – 5.20

  • Cath Marriot, General Member, Australian Women in Agriculture


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Wednesday 12th April 2006: The Court Room, CEACA, Alexandra

10.00 – 10.20

  • Cath Kesterton, Project Worker, Alexandra, Berry St Victoria

10.20 – 10.40

  • Anita Pell, Regional Director, Hume Region, Berry St Victoria
  • David Hall, Team Leader, Berry St Victoria

10.50 – 11.15

  • John O'Meara, Principal, Yea High School
  • Kate Leadbeater, Former School Captain, Yea High School

11.15 – 11.48

  • Mr Colin Rowe, Principal, Alexandra Secondary College
  • Vicki Danby, Vocational Education, Alexandra Secondary College
  • Louise Hogan, Managed Individual Pathways, Alexandra Secondary College

12.05 – 12.25

  • Dr Dennis O'Brien, Associate Professor, Head of Dookie Campus, Dookie College , Institute of Food and Land Resources

12.25 – 1.00

  • Bill Coppinger, CEO, Central Ranges LLEN

1.00 – 1.25

  • John Settle, Principal, The Kilmore International School


  • Councillor Leanne Pleash, Community and Customer Service Committee, Murrindindi Shire Council


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Tuesday 16th May 2006: Royal Mail Hotel, Glenelg Hwy, Dunkeld [photographs]

9.02 – 9.45am

  • Ms Jerri Nelson, EO, North Central Local Learning and Employment Network
  • Ms Toni Hancock, EO, South West Local Learning and Employment Network
  • Mr David Wheaton, EO, Central Grampians Local Learning and Employment Network
  • Mr Michael Date, EO, Glenelg and Southern Grampians Local Learning and Employment Network

9.46 – 10.12am

  • Ms Belinda Healy, LenZone! Youth Resources Centres
  • Mr Andrew Reynolds, Ararat Community College
  • Ms Julia Ogdin, Centre for Community Health, East Grampians Health Service
  • Mr Jackson Metcalfe
  • Mr Mathew McKew

10.14 – 10.37am

  • Mr Brendan Ryan, Senior Education Officer and Former Principal, Ararat Community College

10.38 – 11. 02am

  • Councillor Fay Hull, Ararat Rural City Council
  • Mr Mark Hogan, Community Development Officer, Ararat Rural City Council

11.04 – 11.20am

  • Mr Miles Coverdale, CEO, Westvic Workforce

11.40am – 12.02pm

  • Mr Michael Date, EO, Glenelg & Southern Grampians Local & Employment Network
  • Dr Kaye Scholfield, Manager, Community Partnerships & Projects, RMIT Hamilton
  • Ms Leanne Jansen
  • Mr Nathan Isles

12.03 – 12.22pm

  • Mr Mike Ford, Employee Relations Manager, AME Systems

12.22 – 12.41pm

  • Mr Peter McDonald, Chief Executive Officer, Colac Adult & Community Education

12.41 – 12.52pm

  • Ms Rhian Davidson, Secretary, Stawell Chamber of Commerce and Industry

12.52 – 1.11pm

  • Sylvia Admans, Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal


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Tuesday 16th May 2006: Halls Gap Colonial Motor Inn, Grampians Road, Halls Gap

3.50 - 4.02pm

  • Mr Barry Clugston , Chairman, GWMWater

4.02– 4.23pm

  • Dr Graeme Bertuch, Principle Director, Ararat Medical Centre

4.23– 4.46pm

  • Mr Bill Slatter, Principal, Marian College, Ararat
  • Ms Jess Baird, Former Student, Marian College, Ararat

4.47– 5.12pm

  • Mr Bruce Dalkin, Westgate Vineyard Country House

5.12– 5.38pm

  • Mr Ray Campling, CEO, Yarriambiack Shire Council

5.38– 6.00pm

  • Ms Justine Linley, Director, Marketing and Development, Northern Grampians Shire
  • Ms Brooke Lesueur, Manager of Community Lifestyle and Wellbeing, Northern Grampians Shire


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Wednesday 17 th May 2006: Buloke Shire Council Chambers, Corner of McCulloch & Houston Sts,

10.38 – 10.59am

  • Ms Debbra-Jane Williams, Secretary, Advance Sea Lake
  • Ms Bronwen Alday, Committee Member, Advance Sea Lake

11.02 – 11.41am

  • Mr Glenn Stewart, Executive Officer, Local Learning and Employment Network
  • Mr John Webb, Chairman, Loddon Murray Community Alliance
  • Ms Tricia Currie, Service and Program Manager, Northern District Community Health Service

11.43am – 12.11pm

  • Mr James McEwen
  • Ms Lauren Adams

12.38 – 1.09pm

  • Mr Mark Amirtharajah, Chief Executive Officer, Buloke Shire Council
  • Councilor Reid Mather, Mayor, Buloke Shire Council

1.10 – 1.23pm

  • Ms Kerry Anderson, Coordinator, Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program

1.24 – 1.34pm

  • Ms Simone Christie, Birchip Business and Learning Centre

1.35 – 1.49pm

  • Ms Christine Solly, Yarriambiack Youth Services

1.50 – 2.08pm

  • Ms Linda Kelly, Southern Mallee Primary Care Partnership

2.11 – 2.37pm

  • Mr Colin Henry, WorkCo Employment Services
  • Ms Kathryn Clarke, Field Officer, WorkCo Employment Services


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Wednesday 23rd May 2006: The Colosseum (The Australian-Italian Club), 117 Omeo Hwy, Bairnsdale [photographs]

1.15 – 1.44pm

  • Ms Sally Kendall, Chair, Gippsland East LLEN
  • Mr John Ireland, Committee Member, Gippsland East LLEN

1.45pm – 2.15pm

  • Mr Steve Baxter, Youth Worker, Mallacoota Health Service
  • Mr Philip Counsel, Community Development Officer, Mallacoota Health Service

2.20 – 2.52pm

  • Ms Anna Cook, Manager, Community Building and Citizen Services, East Gippsland Shire Council
  • Mr Ryan Earles, Community Support Planner, East Gippsland Shire Council
  • Ms Rhonda James, Let’s get connected, transport project, East Gippsland Shire Council
  • Ms Sheryl McHugh, Let’s get connected, transport project, Wellington Shire Council

2.53 – 3.14pm

  • Ms Angela Hutson, Chief Executive Officer, East Gippsland Institute of Tertiary and Further Education
  • Ms Catherine Brigg, Associate Director Learning & Innovation, East Gippsland Institute of Tertiary and Further Education

3.16 – 3.37pm

  • Mr David Hawkey, Workways/Pathways project

3.52 – 4.06pm

  • Ms Robyn Grant, Organic Agriculture Association

4.08 – 4.30pm

  • Mr Sean McLoughlin, Student Union President, Monash Gippsland Student Union
  • Ms Aspen Kilby, Student Advocate & Support Coordinator, Monash Gippsland Student Union

4.31 – 4.51pm

  • Mr Henrie Ellis, Education Consultant, Gippsland Region Department of Education & Training


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Wednesday 24th May 2006: Yarram District & Health Service, 85-91 Commercial Road, Yarram [photographs]

9.04– 9.26am

  • Snr Constable Damian Yodgee, Yarram Police

9.30 – 10.02am

  • Mr John Papworth, Former President, Yarram Football & Netball Clubs
  • Mr Dean Duursma, Football Coach, Yarram Football & Netball Clubs; Teacher, Yarram Secondary College

10.70 – 10.34am

  • Mr Terry Harrington, Principal, Yarram Secondary College
  • Ms Eva Hirt, Teacher, Yarram Secondary College
  • Ms Bridget McKenzie, Teacher, Yarram Secondary College
  • Ms Narice Johnston, Secondary School Nurse, Yarram Secondary College
  • Mr Tom McQueen, Student, Yarram Secondary College
  • Mr Cameron Christson, Student, Yarram Secondary College

10.35– 10.52am

  • Mr David Roberts, Youth Development Officer, Wellington Shire Council
  • Ms Pauline Rathnow, Council Trainee, Member MYAT, Maffra Youth Action Team

10.53– 11.14am

  • Ms Nicole Carder, Youth Services Officer, Latrobe City
  • Ms Heather Farley, Co-ordinator Community Development, Latrobe City

11.33– 11.53am

  • Ms Jane Coolidge, Yarram & District Community Health
  • Ms Melanie Mitchell, Yarram & District Community Health

11.53– 12.17pm

  • Mr Ned Dennis, Community Strengthening Coordinator, South Gippsland Shire

12.18– 12.31pm

  • Ms Diane Robinson, Yarram Women on Farms Group, Member of Australian Women in Agriculture

12.31– 12.44pm

  • Mr John Lawrence, CEO, Kilmany Uniting Care


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Monday 29th May 2006: Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, Melbourne [photographs]

1.04– 1.29pm

  • Mr Chris DeAraugo, CEO, Lead On Australia
  • Ms Felicia Carboon, Lead On Australia
  • Mr James Reade, Lead On Australia

1.31– 1.51pm

  • Ms Fran Medina, Chairperson, (Solicitor, Arnold Dallas McPherson Lawyers, Bendigo), Young Professionals Network
  • Ms Nicole Sweeney, Committee Member, (VECCI Bendigo), Young Professionals Network

1.53– 2.11pm

  • Dr Johanna Wyn, Professor in Education, Director, Youth Research Centre, University of Melbourne

2.12– 2.31pm

  • Ms Georgie Ferrari, Executive Officer, Youth Affairs Council of Victoria

2.33– 3.03pm

  • Ms Lill Healy, Director, Office for Youth

3.06 – 3.27pm

  • Ms Helen Goodman, Member, Australian Women in Agriculture
  • Ms Rebecca Middleton, Member, AWiA, Rimfire Resources

3.41– 4.05pm

  • Dr Danielle Auldist, Research Development & Extension, Gippsdairy
  • Ms Karen Baum, Project Officer, Young Dairy Farmer Development Program

3.07– 4.22pm

  • Mr Peter Burns, Chief Executive, YMCA Victoria
  • Mr Damien Mowlam, Executive Officer, YMCA Victoria

4.24– 4.42pm

  • Mr Ben Jowett, National Council of Young Farmers