Inquiry into Commonwealth support for Victoria

Hearings and Transcripts

Public Hearing Schedule

Corrected transcripts of these hearings will also be published here when finalised by the Committee.

Friday 10 December 2021

 Time  Witness  Transcripts
10:20 am Commonwealth Grants Commission
Mr Mike Callaghan
Mr Jonathan Rollings

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pdfResponse to questions taken on notice182.93 KB

10:50 am Mr Saul Eslake
Economist and Prinicipal, Corinna Economic Advisory

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11:35 am Dr Angela Jackson
Lead Economist, Equity Economics

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docxTranscript (Word)53.32 KB

12:05 pm Mr Chris Murphy
Economist and Visiting Fellow, Australian National University 

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Wednesday 15 December 2021

 Time  Witness  Transcripts
9:30 am The McKell Institute Victoria
Submission 5
Mr Ryan Batchelor
Executive Director

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10:00 am The Samuel Griffith Society
Submission 9
Mr Xavier Boffa
Executive Director
Mr Thomas Rowe
Research Associate

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10:35 am Municipal Association of Victoria
Submission 6 
Mr Troy Edwards
Executive Director, Policy and Advocacy

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11:05 am Department of Treasury and Finance
Submission 4
Mr David Martine
Mr Chris Barrett
Deputy Secretary, Economic Division
Mr Andrew Witchard
Executive Director, Revenue Group

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12:00 pm Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mr Dylan Broomfield
General Manager, Policy and Advocacy

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12:20 pm Victorian Council of Social Service
Ms Emma King
Chief Executive Officer
Ms Deborah Fewster
Director, Policy and Advocacy

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12:40 pm Regional Partnerships
Ms Winifred (Win) Scott
Chair, Mallee Regional Partnership

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