Inquiry into Expanding Melbourne's Free Tram Zone

Hearings and Transcripts

Information on the Committee's public hearing schedule for this inquiry will be posted here as it becomes available.

Corrected transcripts of these hearings will also be published here when finalised by the Committee.

Thursday 9 July 2020

 Time Witness Submission Transcript
10.00 am Department of Transport
Jeroen Weimar, Head of Transport Services

pdfTranscript159.67 KB

pdfPresentation995.71 KB

pdfResponse to question on notice82.04 KB

10.45 am Yarra Trams
Ian Hopkins, Principal Advisor, Network Planning

pdfTranscript202.14 KB 

pdfPresentation2.48 MB

11.15 am Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Peter King, Chief Executive
 372  pdfTranscript179.73 KB
12.15 pm Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner
Sven Bluemmel, Information Commissioner
376 pdfTranscript200.63 KB
12.45 pm Cancer Council Victoria
Todd Harper, Chief Executive Officer
386 pdfTranscript189.94 KB
pdfResponse to question on notice88.00 KB


Tuesday 30 June 2020


Time Witness Submission Transcript
10.00 am City of Melbourne
Richard Smithers, Team Leader Transport Planning,
Urban Strategy Branch
 398 pdfTranscript129.84 KB
10.30 am Committee for Melbourne
Martine Letts, CEO

pdfTranscript137.24 KB

pdfResponse to question on notice104.14 KB

11.15 am Infrastructure Victoria
Dr Jonathan Spear, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer
Moses Lee, Senior Leader, Public Services Delivery & Policy Reform
Daniel Harrison, Principal Economic Adviser
 308 pdfTranscript160.09 KB
12.00 pm Institute for Sensible Transport
Liam Davies, Senior Transport Analyst
n/a pdfTranscript134.52 KB
pdfPresentation944.48 KB
12.30 om MR Cagney
Kathy Lazanas, General Manager, Victoria & Tasmania
401 pdfTranscript133.59 KB



Tuesday 9 June 2020

Time Witness Submission Transcript
10.00 am Craig Rowley 40 and 40A pdfTranscript163.87 KB

10.30 am

Rail Futures Institute
Peter Don

pdfTranscript173.32 KB

11.30 am

University of Melbourne
Alex Lawlor
Professor Majid Sarvi
Professor Peter Sweatman

pdfTranscript179.09 KB

pdfResponse to question on notice125.79 KB

12.15 pm

Public Transport Users Association
Cameron Tampion
Tony Morton
388 pdfTranscript183.34 KB
pdfPresentation4.45 MB

2.00 pm

University of Melbourne Student Union
Hannah Buchan

pdfTranscript149.16 KB

2.30 pm Transport for Everyone
Jackie Fristacky
373 pdfTranscript184.44 KB
3.00 PM Sally Capp 383 pdfTranscript163.99 KB
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