Inquiry into the Increase in Victoria’s Road Toll

Hearings and Transcripts

Tuesday 6 October 2020

Time Witnesses Submission   Transcript
9.30 am Vault IQ
Miguel Nasr, Chief Product and Data Officer 
Shaun Gray, Strategic Account Manager



pdfTranscript242.06 KB
10.00 am Peter Keays  pdf151  pdfTranscript163.04 KB
10.30 am iRAP
Rob McInerney, Chief Executive Officer 


Supporting document

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11.15 am
Transport for NSW
Bernard Carlon, Executive Director, Centres for Road Safety & Maritime Safety, Safety, Environment and Regulation
Alex Jannink, Managing Director




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11.45 am Road Safety Camera Commissioner
Stephen Leane, Commissioner
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12.15 pm
Deakin University
Professor Iain Martin, Vice-Chancellor
Professor Chris McConville
Dr Ashim Debnath
Professor Saeid Nahavandi
Professor Kon Mouzakis
Acting Professor Ben Horan
Dr Jan Garrard
Rebecca Bartel



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pdfResponse to Question


1.45 pm Department of Transport and Transport Accident Commission 
Robyn Seymour, Deputy Secretary – Network Planning and Head of Road Safety Victoria  
Samantha Cockfield, Head of Road Safety – TAC



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2.45 pm Victoria Police and Department of Justice and
Community Safety 

Libby Murphy, Assistant Commissioner – Road Policing Command 
Corri McKenzie, Deputy Secretary – Police, Fines and
Crime Prevention 



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pdfResponse to Question


Wednesday 23 September 2020

Time Witnesses Transcript
4.00 pm
Vision Zero Academy, Swedish Transport Administration
Dr. Matts-Åke Belin, Director
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4.45 pm
Malin Ekholm, Head of Volvo Cars Safety Centre
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5.30 pm
Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Transport and Society
Arild Engebretsen
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6.15 pm
UK Department of Transport 
Pauline Morgan, Head of Road User Safety Delivery Programme
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Tuesday 8 September 2020

Time Witnesses Submission Transcript
9.30 am
Mornington Peninsula Shire
John Baker, Chief Executive Officer
Tom Haines-Sutherland, Team Leader Traffic and Transport
Davey Smith, Executive Manager, Infrastructure Strategy and Climate Change



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pdfCompact Roundabouts - All Categories Summary

pdfCase Study 1 - Lance Creek.pdf

pdfCase Study 2 - Merricks

pdfCase Study 3 - Main Ridge

10.00 am Cate Hughes 140 pdfTranscript214.31 KB
11.15 am
Victoria Walks
Dr Ben Rossiter, Executive Officer
Duane Burtt, Principal Policy Advisor



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11.45 am
Walk on Moreland
Dr Andrea Bunting, Convenor
Carmel Boyce, Social Planner
Streets Alive Yarra
Dr Jeremy Lawrence, Founder and Director




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12.15 pm
Amy Gillett Foundation
Dan Kneipp, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Marilyn Johnson, Research and Policy Manager

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pdfResponses to questions216.88 KB

1.45 pm Andrew O'Brien pdfTranscript220.26 KB 

Monday 10 August 2020

Time Witnesses Submission Transcript
10.00 am David Anderson
Eric Howard
45  pdfTranscript211.47 KB
10.45 am Damien Codognotto OAM 141
 pdfTranscript168.82 KB
11.45 am Robert Morgan 101

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pdfResponses to questions270.67 KB

pdfSupplementary information (1)4.62 MB

pdfSupplementary information (2)6.70 MB

pdfPresentation2.08 MB

12.30 pm Robert Barnard 92

 pdfTranscript177.80 KB

2.00 pm Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
Dr John Crozier
Mr Christian Kenfield
17  pdfTranscript195.70 KB
2.45 pm Rail Freight Alliance
Reid Mather, Chief Executive Officer
15  pdfTranscript169.29 KB


Tuesday 21 July 2020

Time Witnesses Submission Transcript
9.30 am Australian Driver Training Association
Stan Gates, President
Rhonda Armour, Secretary

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pdfResponse to QON142.04 KB

10.00 am Driveschool Enterprises
Lisa Skaife, Founder and CEO



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10.30 am Darebin Information, Volunteer and Resource Service
Julie-Anne O’Brien, TAC L2P Coordinator
 80 pdfTranscript191.62 KB
11.15 am Troy Parsons
73 pdfTranscript218.42 KB 
12.00 pm Peter Cox 37 pdfTranscript204.50 KB
1.45 pm Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
Rob Langridge, Director Emerging Technologies

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pdfResponse to question457.77 KB

pdfResponse to question65.06 KB

2.45 pm City of Melbourne
Richard Smithers, Team Leader, Transport Planning, Urban Strategy Branch
72 pdfTranscript200.06 KB


Tuesday 7 July 2020

Time Witnesses Submission Transcript
9.30 am RACV
Peter Kartsidimas, Senior Manager Transport, Planning and Infrastructure
Elvira Lazar, Senior Policy Advisor – Safety

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10.30 am Victorian Motorcycle Council
Peter Baulch, Chair
Rob Salvatore, Vice-Chair

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pdfResponse to question on notice55.65 KB

11.15 am Victorian Transport Association
Mr Peter Anderson, Chief Executive Officer
83 pdfTranscript201.80 KB
11.45 am Victorian State Trauma Outcomes Registry Monitoring Group
Dr Ben Beck, Head of Sustainable Mobility and Safety Research
Professor Belinda Gabbe, Head Prehospital, Emergency and Trauma Research
52 pdfTranscript203.70 KB
12.30 pm Maurice Blackburn
Janine Gregory, Principal Lawyer and Divisional Head of Personal Injury
Canda Glanville, Principal Lawyer in Road and Work Injuries Division
Katie Minogue, Senior Associate in Road and Work Injuries Division

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pdfResponses to questions on notice370.09 KB

pdfSupplementary information381.60 KB

2.00 pm Monash University Accident Research Centre
Associate Professor Stuart Newstead
Professor Brian Fildes
Associate Professor Sharon Newnam
Dr David Logan
Dr Karen Stephan
Professor Max Cameron

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pdfPresentation880.65 KB

2.45 pm Road Trauma Support Services
Bernadette Nugent
Karen Robinson
41 pdfTranscript194.08 KB




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