Inquiry into the Increase in Victoria’s Road Toll

Hearings and Transcripts

Information on the Committee's public hearing schedule for this inquiry will be posted here as it becomes available.

Corrected transcripts of these hearings will also be published here when finalised by the Committee.

Tuesday 7 July 2020
Web streamed live here
To help limit the spread of COVID-19 the Committee advises that hearings that would normally be open to the public are accessible via the link above.

Time Witnesses Transcript
9.30 am RACV
Peter Kartsidimas, Senior Manager Transport, Planning and Infrastructure
Elvira Lazar, Senior Policy Advisor – Safety
10.30 am Victorian Motorcycle Council
Peter Baulch, Chair
Rob Salvatore, Vice-Chair
11.15 am Victorian Transport Association
Mr Peter Anderson, Chief Executive Officer
11.45 am Victorian State Trauma Outcomes Registry Monitoring Group
Dr Ben Beck, Head of Sustainable Mobility and Safety Research
Professor Belinda Gabbe, Head Prehospital, Emergency and Trauma Research
12.30 pm Maurice Blackburn
Janine Gregory, Principal Lawyer and Divisional Head of Personal Injury
Canda Glanville, Principal Lawyer in Road and Work Injuries Division
Katie Minogue, Senior Associate in Road and Work Injuries Division
2.00 pm Monash Accident Research Centre
Associate Professor Stuart Newstead
Professor Brian Fildes
Associate Professor Sharon Newnam
Dr David Logan
Dr Karen Stephan
Professor Max Cameron
2.45 pm Road Trauma Support Services
Bernadette Nugent
Karen Robinson



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