Inquiry into Ride Sourcing Services

Terms of Reference

Self-referenced by the Committee on 24 May 2016

That the Economy and Infrastructure Committee inquire into, consider and report, no later than 8 December 2016, on the need for, and appropriate structure of, regulation of ride sourcing services such as Uber, with particular regard to —

  1. barriers to entry;
  2. consumer protection;
  3. customer safety;
  4. competition;
  5. access for people with disabilities;
  6. remuneration and workplace rights for drivers;
  7. how impacts of such regulation on the taxi industry can be minimised;
  8. industry transition; and
  9. any other issues the Committee regards as relevant.


pdfTerms of Reference - Inquiry into Ride Sourcing Services(PDF 46.14 KB)


On 24 October 2016, the Committee resolved to extend the reporting date for this inquiry to 16 March 2017.

Last Updated on Monday, 24 April 2017