Inquiry into the Impact of Social Media on Elections and Electoral Administration


Please note that submissions will be published on this page as they are processed by the Committee. Your name will be published with your submission, but your contact details will be removed.

If you have any questions about the inquiry, please contact the committee secretariat.

The following submissions have been accepted by the Committee:

pdf1. Luke Beck606.06 KB

pdf2. John Del Forno160.41 KB

pdf3. Benjamin Cronshaw249.22 KB

pdf4. Vasalia Govender118.02 KB

pdf5. Michael Gavaghan39.35 KB

pdf6. James Bell263.30 KB

pdf7. Associate Professor Yasmin Dawood444.14 KB

pdf8. Peter Brackstone216.65 KB

pdf9. Michael Kerr215.21 KB

pdf10. Broadcasting Standards Authority New Zealand296.53 KB

pdf11. Dr Katharine Dommett90.88 KB

pdf12. Name withheld111.68 KB

pdf13. Edward McConnell260.96 KB

pdf14. Dr Philip Seargeant204.78 KB

pdf15. Graeme Dobson49.11 KB

pdf16. C Hughes 43.29 KB

pdf17. Sandie Downes42.05 KB

pdf18. Darryn Fisher100.59 KB

pdf19. Professor Sandra Martin49.68 KB

pdf20. Marlea Hutson41.46 KB

pdf21. Vian Bakir and Andrew McStay378.01 KB

pdf22. Alexandra Rojas40.74 KB

pdf23. Professor George Loukas62.10 KB

pdf24. Professor Ben O'Loughlin and Dr Sofia Collignon240.16 KB

pdf25. Anthony Scott35.43 KB

pdf26. Carter Wrangles38.94 KB

pdf27. Susan Laukens54.34 KB

pdf28. David Strunz38.82 KB

pdf29. Irene Chase39.12 KB

pdf30. Andrew Warner38.01 KB

pdf31. Michael Bajer38.01 KB

pdf32. Laurence Webb37.54 KB

pdf33. Claude Bailly35.08 KB

pdf34. Leonie Grant38.76 KB

pdf35. Kofi Annan Commisson2.95 MB

        pdfAttachment 1948.95 KB

        pdfAttachment 21.90 MB

pdf36. Helen Allison35.58 KB

pdf37. Kathryn Stanislawski37.72 KB

pdf38. Elizabeth Turner39.91 KB

pdf39. John Lawrence49.30 KB

pdf40. Jacinta Marlborough49.00 KB

pdf41. Geoffrey Love48.95 KB

pdf42. Patrick Loverso49.26 KB

pdf43. newDemocracy215.54 KB







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