The Legislative Council accepts both electronic petitions (e-petitions) and paper petitions for tabling, subject to compliance with the rules and procedures for petitions set out below and contained in Chapter 10 of Standing Orders.

Further queries regarding petitions should be directed to the Legislative Council Table Office via email to or phone 03 9651 8678.

Form and content of petitions (Standing Order 10.02)

A petition must:

  • Be legible
  • Be addressed to the Legislative Council of Victoria
  • Be in English or accompanied by a certified English translation
  • Be respectful and temperate in language
  • State the action or remedy sought from the Council on every page
  • Have at least one signature
  • Contain the original signatures, names and addresses of each petitioner (a person incapable of signing may have someone else sign on his or her behalf)
  • Not contain signatures that have been pasted or in any other way transferred or attached to it
  • If from a corporation, be made under its common seal.

Restrictions (Standing Order 10.04)

A petition must not:

  • Have letters affidavits or other documents attached to it
  • Make an application for or request a direct grant of public money to be paid to an individual

Who may start a petition?

Anyone can start a petition to the Council. Follow the links on the left-hand side menu to start an e-petition or to download a paper petition template.

Who can sign a petition?

Any resident of Victoria may sign a petition.

Presentation to Parliament (Standing Order 10.01)

Petitions may only be presented to the Council by a Council Member of Parliament. If you have a petition for presentation, you can contact any Council Member to request they present it on your behalf.