Terms of Reference

Received from the Legislative Assembly on 29 November 2012

That under s 33 the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003, the Road Safety Committee is required to inquire into, consider and report no later than 12 December 2013* on the nature and extent of serious injury in motor vehicle accidents in Victoria and the Committee should:

  1. determine the appropriate methodology to identify the cost of a serious injury to the Victorian community and economy;

  2. identify processes, including the exchange of data and information between agencies, that will facilitate accurate, consistent and timely reporting of road related serious injuries;

  3. consider best practice definitions and measures of road related serious injury and injury severity, and recommend how road related serious injuries and their severity should be identified and reported in Victoria;

  4. determine the correlation between reductions in fatalities and serious injuries (including for different levels of severity) resulting from different road safety countermeasures;

  5. identify cost effective countermeasures to reduce serious injury occurrence and severity; and

  6. identify best practice in managing long term reductions in serious injury including raising the profile of the serious injury burden.

Download an electronic Adobe PDF version of the above Terms of Reference here: pdf Terms of reference 26.01 Kb


*Note: the reporting date was extend to 30 June 2014 by resolution of the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, 26 June 2013.