Bills this Week

This page lists bills Parliament is working on during a sitting week. You can access all Victorian bills and laws on the legislation website. To learn more about the legislative process, go to how a law is made.

Parliament is sitting this week. Watch this page for updates on bills debated during the week.

New Bills released

Assisted Reproductive Treatment Amendment Bill 2020

Removes the requirement that a woman and her partner, if she has one, and the parties to a surrogacy arrangement must undergo a police and child protection order check prior to accessing assisted reproductive treatment.

Health Services Amendment (Mandatory Vaccination of Healthcare Workers) Bill 2020

Provides the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services with powers to give directions to public hospitals and to require employees and workers to be vaccinated or prove immunity to specified diseases.

National Electricity (Victoria) Amendment Bill 2020

Enables the Minister to make Orders to facilitate urgent transmission projects and other relevant matters.

Summary Offence Amendment (Move-on Laws) Bill 2019

This Bill introduces provisions related to certain 'move-on' powers and exclusion orders from public places.

Passed the Assembly (will now go to the Council)

Forests Legislation Amendment (Compliance and Enforcement) Bill 2019

Great Ocean Road and Environs Protection Bill 2019

Justice Legislation Miscellaneous Amendments Bill 2019

Owners Corporations and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2019


Passed Parliament (will now go to the Governor for royal assent)

Building and Environment Protection Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

Energy Safety Legislation Amendment (Victorian Energy Safety Commission and Other Matters) Bill 2019

Local Government (Casey City Council) Bill 2020

Gender Equality Bill 2019