Bills this Week

This page lists bills Parliament is working on during a sitting week. You can access all Victorian bills and laws on the legislation website. To learn more about the legislative process, go to how a law is made.

Parliament is not sitting this week. The next sitting week begins on Tuesday 27 October 2020.

Below are bills Parliament considered during the sitting week of 13 October 2020.

New Bills released

Justice Legislation Amendment (Supporting Victims and Other Matters) Bill 2020

Makes a range of changes to justice legislation, including clarifying the circumstances in which information likely to identify a sex offence victim can be lawfully published and implementing nationally-agreed changes to defamation laws.

Marine Safety Amendment (Better Boating Fund) Bill 2020

Establishes the Better Boating Fund, which can be used for the provision and maintenance of boating facilities and services for the public; boating safety, education and promotion programs for the public; the safe use of recreational vessels; and the safe use of state waters. 

Passed the Assembly (will now go to the Council)

Cladding Safety Victoria Bill 2020

Consumer Legislation Amendment Bill 2020

Worker Screening Bill 2020


Passed Parliament (will now go to the Governor for royal assent)

COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2020

National Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 2020

Project Development and Construction Management Amendment Bill 2020

Police and Emergency Legislation Amendment Bill 2020