Inquiry into Anti-Vilification Protections


Submissions for this inquiry have closed. For further information, please contact the Committee secretariat.

The following submissions have been accepted by the Committee:

  1. pdfCraig King149.99 KB

  2. pdfPaul Rogers174.35 KB

  3. pdfCatherine Hughes149.20 KB

  4. pdfLifeline Australia111.14 KB

  5. pdfAlexis Green115.13 KB

  6. pdfUmar Bin Amin144.45 KB

  7. pdfAustralian Centre for Christianity and Culture119.19 KB

  8. pdfGeoff Lambourn137.85 KB

  9. pdfCommission for Children and Young People1.15 MB

10. pdfThe Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation 347.25 KB

11. pdfBernie Bosma143.29 KB

12. pdfTelecommunications Industry Ombudsman231.33 KB

13.pdfVictorian Government2.65 MB

               pdfVictorian Government_Supplementary Submission1.08 MB

14. pdfCentre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)731.19 KB

15. pdfEthnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV)196.39 KB

16. pdfOffice of the eSafety Commissioner462.32 KB

17. pdfAlastair Lawrie220.12 KB

18. pdfInstitute of Public Affairs173.35 KB

19. pdfNicole Shackleton, Dr Laura Griffin and Danielle Walt465.19 KB 

      pdfNicole Shackleton, Dr Laura Griffin and Danielle Walt - Attachment 1176.31 KB

      pdfNicole Shackleton, Dr Laura Griffin and Danielle Walt - Attachment 2962.95 KB

20. pdfLiam Bywater96.61 KB

21. pdfHindu Council of Australia143.72 KB

22. pdfBill Swannie630.80 KB

23. pdfOffice of the Public Advocate2.15 MB

24. pdfCasey Multi Faith Network568.90 KB

25. pdfThe International Society for Krishna Consciousness Victoria (ISKCON)150.01 KB

26. pdfJewish Community Council of Victoria126.33 KB

27. pdfVictorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby299.60 KB

               pdfVictorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby_Supplementary Submission213.87 KB

28. pdfDr Holly Lawford Smith65.54 KB

      pdfDr Holly Lawford Smith - Attachment 14.28 MB

      pdfDr Holly Lawford Smith - Attachment 257.33 KB

      pdfDr Holly Lawford Smith - Attachment 360.11 KB

29. pdfGreater Dandenong Council199.16 KB

30. pdfVictorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS)380.71 KB

31. pdfJobWatch Inc313.68 KB

32. pdfNicholas Michael Butler348.28 KB

              pdfNicholas Butler_supplementary submission340.1 KB

33. pdfCatholic Archdiocese of Melbourne151.82 KB

34. pdfThorne Harbour Health349.79 KB

35. pdfAustralian Christian Lobby298.41 KB

36. pdfUniting Church in Australia - Synod of Victoria and Tasmania860.49 KB

37. pdfZakariah Halabi145.20 KB

      pdfZakariah Halabi - Attachment 1259.01 KB

38. pdfOnline Hate Prevention Institute660.44 KB

              pdfOnline Hate Prevention Institute supplementary submission6.98 MB

39. pdfLiberty Victoria and LGBTIQ Legal Service409.24 KB

40. pdfMichael Mazur144.74 KB

41. pdfDr Bruce Baer Arnold and Dr Wendy Bonython185.73 KB

              pdfDr Bruce Baer Arnold and Dr Wendy Bonython_Supplementary Submission168.42 KB

42. pdfSpectrum Labor885.95 KB

43. pdfSpringvale Monash Legal Service242.56 KB

44. pdfAustralian Discrimination Law Experts Group (ADLEG)130.47 KB

45. pdfIslamic Council of Victoria (ICV)2.77 MB

46. pdfLaw Institute Victoria (LIV)379.04 KB

              pdfLaw Institute Victoria_supplementary submission213.47 KB

47. pdfHuman Rights Law Centre, GetUp!, Anti Defamation Commission , Victorian Trades Hall Council and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (Joint Submission)721.43 KB

              pdfHuman Rights Law Centre, GetUp!, Anti Defamation Commission, Victorian Trades Hall Council and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (joint submission)_Supplementary Submission584.9 KB

48. pdfVictorian Multicultural Commission796.39 KB

              pdfVictorian Multicultural Commission_supplementary submission179.07 KB

49. pdfAustralian Muslim Women's Centre for Human Rights448.49 KB

50. pdfVictorian Aboriginal Legal Service and Victoria Legal Aid501.97 KB

51. pdfVictorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission895.58 KB

              pdfVictorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission_supplementary submission294.52 KB

52. pdfGender Equity Victoria257.00 KB

53. pdfEquality Australia1.40 MB

      pdfEquality Australia - Attachment 12.71 MB

54. pdfVictorian Association of WW2 Veterans from the ex-Soviet Union284.37 KB

55. pdfAustralian Jewish Association7.35 MB

              pdfAustralian Jewish Association_Supplementary Submission2.75 MB

56. pdfNational Better Balanced Futures181.20 KB

57. pdfUnion for Progressive Judaism5.49 MB

58. pdfAleph Melbourne1.24 MB

              pdfAleph Melbourne_supplementary submission261.41 KB

        59. pdfName Withheld102.55 KB

        60. pdfHenry Erlich835.77 KB

        61. pdfKorean Society of Victoria307.34 KB

        62. pdfVictorian Disability Advisory Council451.02 KB

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