Inquiry into Victoria’s Criminal Justice System


The Legal and Social Issues Committee invites written submissions from individuals and organisations addressing one or more of the issues identified in the terms of reference.

To assist with your submission, please see the guidelines for Making a Written Submission to a Parliamentary Committee or visit our Make a Submission page.

The submission closing date is Wednesday, 1 September 2021.

Ways to make a submission:

  1. Using the Make a Submission form
  2. Email to:
  3. Hardcopy; send to:

The Secretariat
Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee
Parliament House, Spring Street

All submissions should include:

  • Your full name
  • Contact details (either a postal address or phone number)
  • The text of your submission or an attachment containing your submission
  • A clear indication if you are seeking confidentiality

All submissions are public documents (and may be published on the Committee’s website) unless confidentiality is requested and granted by the Committee.

Please note that submissions will be published on this page as they are processed by the Committee. Your name will be published with your submission, but your contact details will be removed.

  1. pdfJulie Mcleish1.09 MB
  2. pdfPaul Exell1.24 MB
  3. Confidential
  4. pdfTracie Oldham1.10 MB
  5. pdfPaul Murray3.14 MB
    pdfPaul Murray - Attachment 11.12 MB
  6. pdfDorothy Long1.07 MB
  7. pdfChelsea Tunnicliffe1.07 MB
  8. Confidential
  9. pdfPaul Barker1.07 MB
  10. pdfName withheld2.05 MB
  11. pdfAndrew Bradley1.07 MB
  12. pdfDavid Shackles1.07 MB
  13. Confidential
  14. pdfTim Hurley1.07 MB
  15. pdfJeynelle Dean-Hayes1.11 MB
  16. pdfAndrew Oliver1.54 MB
  17. pdfSentencing Advisory Council879.62 KB
  18. pdfIvan Zarezkij1.67 MB
  19. pdfDr Duncan Rouch1.92 MB
  20. pdfDianne McDonald1.31 MB
  21. pdfCommunity Advocacy Alliance Inc1.35 MB
    pdfCommunity Advocacy Alliance Inc. - Attachment 11.26 MB
    pdfCommunity Advocacy Alliance Inc. - Attachment 21.35 MB
    pdfCommunity Advocacy Alliance Inc. - Attachment 31.66 MB
    pdfCommunity Advocacy Alliance Inc. - Attachment 41.37 MB
    pdfCommunity Advocacy Alliance Inc. - Supplementary Submission943.37 KB
  22. pdfName withheld724.95 KB
    pdfName Withheld - Supplementary Submission1.23 MB
  23. pdfGregory Howden1.84 MB
  24. pdfDrug Free Australia1.33 MB
    pdfDrug Free Australia - Attachment 11.36 MB
    pdfDrug Free Australia - Attachment 21.46 MB
    pdfDrug Free Australia - Attachment 31.57 MB
  25. pdfAna Richardson1.10 MB
  26. pdfAustralasian Corrections Education Association1.31 MB
  27. pdfProfessor Amos N Guiora1.48 MB
  28. pdfLee Little1.24 MB
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