Inquiry into Victoria’s Criminal Justice System

Hearings and Transcripts

Public hearings for this inquiry have concluded. Corrected transcripts of the hearings are published below. 

Friday, 5 November 2021
Via Zoom
Time Witness Transcript

Department of Justice and Community Safety
Rebecca Falkingham, Secretary
Melanie Heenan, Executive Director, Victim Services Support and Reform
Larissa Strong, Acting Commissioner, Corrections Victoria

pdfTranscript234.02 KB
pdfResponse to QON155.50 MB
pdfPresentation181.64 KB


Sexual Assault Services Victoria
Kathleen Maltzahn, Chief Executive Officer

pdfTranscript181.82 KB

Victoria Police
Shane Patton APM, Chief Commissioner

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Cathy Oddie

Thomas Wain

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Royal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices
Kevin Mackin, Secretary
Paul Mracek, President

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Emily Piggott, Advocacy Coordinator

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Thursday, 21 October 2021
Via Zoom
Time Witness Transcript
9.30am Amy pdfTranscript186.09 KB
10.30am WEstjustice

Melissa Hardham, Chief Executive Officer
Anoushka Jeronimus, Director, Youth Law Program

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pdfResponse to QON10.26 MB

11.30am Victoria Legal Aid

Louise Glanville, Chief Executive Officer
Dan Nicholson, Executive Director, Criminal Law

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pdfResponse to QON1.17 MB

12.15pm Dr Karen Hart, Senior Lecturer, Victoria University pdfTranscript205.13 KB
1.45pm Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service

George Selvanera, Acting Chief Executive Officer
Kin Leong, Acting Director of Legal Services
Andreea Lachsz, Head of Policy, Communications and Strategy

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2.30pm Aboriginal Justice Caucus

Christopher Harrison, Co-Chair
Uncle Robert Nicholls, Hume Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee Chair and Aboriginal Justice Caucus member

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pdfResponse to QON162.74 KB

3.15pm Multicultural Centre For Women's Health

Dr Adele Murdolo, Executive Director

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Tuesday, 19 October 2021
Via Zoom
Time Witness Transcript

Les Twentyman Foundation
Les Twentyman, Founder
Paul Burke, Chief Executive Officer
Jim Markovski, Manager Youth Services
Sean Newton, , Team Leader Youth Services
Gum Mamur, Youth Worker
Tekani Perry, Youth Worker
Jazzy-Jane Abas, Youth Worker
Richard Tregear, Outreach Worker 

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pdfResponse to QON12.67 MB

11.00am Dr Marietta Martinovic, Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Justice, 

Australian Inside Out Prison Exchange Program Manager, Australian Prison and Community based Think Tank Leader, RMIT University

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pdfResponse to QON278.83 KB


Smart Justice for Women 
Elena Pappas, Co-Convenor
Elisa Buggy, Member  

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The Justice Map
Melanie Poole, Director
Anya Saravanan, Research and Policy Analyst
Rachael Hambleton, Strategy and Research Adviser
Denham Sadler, Senior Editor
Anna Cerreto, Communications Adviser

pdfTranscript225.37 KB
pdfResponse to QON138.38 KB


Federation of Community Legal Centres Victoria Inc.
Louisa Gibbs, Chief Executive Officer
Jill Prior, Principal Legal Officer, Law and Advocacy Centre for Women

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pdfResponse to QON169.54 KB



Post Sentence Authority
Michele Williams QC, Chair
Stuart Ward, Deputy Chair

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Tuesday, 21 September 2021
Via Zoom
Time Witness Transcript
9.30am Crime Statistic Agency
Fiona Dowsley, Chief Statistician

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pdfResponse to QON282.76 KB

10.15am Victorian Aboriginal Community Service Association Ltd (VACSAL)
Aunty Linda Bamblett, Chief Executive Officer

Julie Bamblett, Homelessness Case Worker & Local Justice Team Leader
Karin Williams, Team Manager, Bert William’s Aboriginal Youth Hostel

pdfTranscript226.70 KB
11.30am The Police Association Victoria 
Sgt Wayne Gatt, Secretary and Chief Executive Officer
pdfTranscript226.85 KB
12.15pm Professor James Ogloff
Professor of Forensic Behavioural Science and Director, Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science, Swinburne University of Technology
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Community Advocacy Alliance
Ivan Ray, Chief Executive Officer
Kelvin Glare AO APM, Chairman and Former Chief Commissioner, Victoria Police

pdfTranscript223.39 KB
2.30pm Women and Mentoring
Tricia Clampa, Executive Officer
Teegan Hartwick, Peer Advisory Group Member

pdfTranscript232.97 KB
pdfResponse to QON206.89 KB

3.15pm Dianne McDonald pdfTranscript217.47 KB

Monday 20 September 2021
Via Zoom
Time Witness Transcript
9.30am Fiona McCormack, Victims of Crime Commissioner

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pdfPresentation84.11 KB

10.15am Youth Affairs Council Victoria
Julie Baron, Policy and Advocacy Manager

Koorie Youth Council
Indi Clarke, Executive Officer

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pdfResponse to QON - Koorie Youth Council144.55 KB

11.15am VACRO
Marius Smith, Chief Executive Officer 

Abigail Lewis, Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor
Jordan Dittloff, Lived Experience Consultant

pdfTranscript203.88 KB
12.00pm Justice Connect
Cameron Lavery, Manager and Principal Lawyer
Samantha Sowerwine, Principal Lawyer, Justice Connect Homeless Law 
pdfTranscript179.13 KB
1.45pm Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA)
Adjunct Professor Aunty Muriel Bamblett AO, Chief Executive Officer

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pdfResponse to QON140.17 KB

2.30pm Centre for Multicultural Youth 
Carmel Guerra OAM, Director and Chief Executive Officer 
pdfTranscript177.62 KB
3.15pm Reverend Jim Pilmer PSM OAM OstJ pdfTranscript174.90 KB

Monday, 6 September 2021
Via Zoom
Time Witness Transcript
9.30am Emeritus Professor Joe Graffam, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research at Deakin University

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pdfResponse to QON1.50 MB


Youthlaw and Smart Justice for Young People
Tiffany Overall, Advocacy & Human Rights Officer at Youthlaw and Co-convenor of Smart Justice for Young People
Anoushka Jeronimus, Co-convenor of Smart Justice for Young People

pdfTranscript187.90 KB
pdfResponse to QON197.73 KB


Jesuit Social Services
Julie Edwards, Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Clements, General Manager Justice Programs

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pdfResponse to QON19.32 MB


Mental Health Legal Centre
Charlotte Jones, General Manager

pdfTranscript175.29 KB

RMIT Centre for Innovative Justice
Stan Winford, Associate Director of Research, Innovation & Reform
Elena Campbell, Associate Director of Research, Advocacy & Policy

pdfTranscript199.08 KB

Australian Centre for Justice Innovation, Monash University
Dr Natalia Antolak-Saper, Fellow

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pdfPresentation2.17 MB
pdfResponse to QON199.55 KB

3.15pm Tracie Oldham pdfTranscript164.81 KB
3.45pm John Herron

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pdfResponse to QON169.45 KB


Tuesday, 24 August 2021
Via Zoom
 Time Witness Transcript
9.30am Hope

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pdfAmended Witness Statement 851.92 KB

10.30am Law Institute of Victoria

Tania Wolff, President
Mel Walker, Co-Chair of Criminal Law Committee

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 11.15am Justice Reform Initiative

Dr Mindy Sotiri, Executive Director
Robert Tickner, Chair
Ian Gray, Victorian Justice Reform Initiative Patron and former Chief Magistrate of Victoria

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 12.00pm Sentencing Advisory Council
Emeritus Professor Arie Freiberg AM, Chair
pdfTranscript175.87 KB
 1.45pm Human Rights Law Centre

Monique Hurley, Senior Lawyer
Amala Ramarathinam, Senior Lawyer

pdfTranscript175.84 KB


Wednesday, 30 June 2021
Wangaratta Performing Arts and Convention Centre - 33-37 Ford Street, Wangaratta, VIC 3677 
Time Witness Transcript
11.15am Merri Health Hume Region

Jane O'Neill, Team Leader for Victims Assistance Program, Hume Region
Carolyn Wallace, General Manager

pdfTranscript198.86 KB

The Centre for Continuing Education
Felicity Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Kerri Barnes, Program Manager, Finding Strengths

pdfTranscript198.74 KB
1.30pm Lee Little pdfTranscript189.51 KB
2.15pm Centre Against Violence
Kerry Burns, Chief Executive Officer
pdfTranscript192.45 KB


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