Inquiry into extremism in Victoria


Submissions for this inquiry have closed. For further information please contact the Committee Secretariat.

The following submissions have been accepted by the Committee.

  1. pdfName Withheld564.17 KB
  2. pdfJohn McInnes564.34 KB
  3. pdfName Withheld564.17 KB
  4. pdfDominic Cooney566.22 KB
  5. pdfBenjamin Cronshaw695.71 KB
  6. Number not used.
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  8. pdfSandra Donald564.29 KB
  9. pdfProfessor Kristina Murphy1.26 MB
  10. Number not used.
  11. pdfCentre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies1.16 MB
  12. pdfLiberty Victoria 699.52 KB
  13. pdfAgius Barnet Nicholas Woolley Cook869.96 KB
    pdfAgius Barnet Nicholas Woolley Cook - attachment 11.63 MB
  14. pdfResearch Group on International Law and the Challenge of Populism896.83 KB
  15. pdfOnline Hate Prevention Institute 1.30 MB
    pdfOnline Hate Prevention Institute_supplementary920.86 KB
  16. pdfBOIV ASSP joint submission2.63 MB
  17. pdfAVERT Research Network807.10 KB
    pdfAVERT Research Network_attachment 1911.38 KB
    pdfAVERT Research Network_attachment 22.72 MB
    pdfAVERT Research Network_attachment 3868.98 KB
    pdfAVERT Research Network_attachment 41.86 MB
    pdfAVERT Research Network_attachment 51.17 MB
  18. pdfJewish Community Council of Victoria857.29 KB
  19. pdfAustralia Israel Jewish Affairs Council992.97 KB
  20. pdfVictorian Government1.41 MB
  21. Confidential.
  22. pdfCharles Sturt University - Threats to Australian Domestic Security1.47 MB
  23. pdfMigration Council Australia1.05 MB
  24. pdfDr Tehmina Khan564.45 KB
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