Terms of Reference

Parliamentary Committees Act 1968

Terms Of Reference To The Economic Development Committee


The Governor in Council, acting under Section 4F(1) of the Parliamentary Committees Act 1968, by this Order requires the Economic Development Committee to inquire into, consider and report to the Parliament on medical and public health research in Victoria, and in particular to -

  1. Review the support currently provided to medical and public health research bodies within Victoria, with particular emphasis on:
  • The relative roles of State and Commonwealth Governments;
  • Contribution by the private sector to developments in medical research;
  • Support through charitable organisations;
  • The basis for infrastructure support provided to major medical research institutions.


  1. Review the focus and scope of medical and health research being undertaken in Victoria and make recommendations on whether State Government funding would benefit from greater co-ordination and strategic direction and appropriate structures to achieve this.

  3. Review the ways in which the results of medical and public health research are disseminated and applied in Victoria, and make recommendations on:
  • Ways to improve linkages between research, policy and product development; and
  • Strategies to optimise the economic and health benefits to Victoria of research undertaken in this State.

In addressing the Terms of Reference, the Committee should take into account the Industry Commission Report on Research and Development (1995) and initiatives of other Australian Governments.


Dated: 12 June 1996

Responsible Minister:

Hon. Rob Knowles, M.P.
Minister for Health

Acting Clerk of the Executive Council