Transcripts of Evidence

The following witnesses have given evidence to the inquiry into The Approvals Process for Renewable Energy Projects in Victoria:

6th July 2009, Melbourne


Witnesses: Clean Energy Council; Infigen Energy; and Vestas (pdf, 50 KB)

Witnesses: Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action; and Arup Sustainability (pdf, 39 KB)

Witness: Pacific Hydro (pdf, 39 KB)

Witness: CitiPower and Powercor Australia (pdf, 26 KB)

Witness: Tract Consultants on behalf of Union Fenosa Wind Australia (pdf, 32 KB)

27th July 2009, Melbourne


Witness: Tenax Energy (pdf, 40 KB)

Witness: Ceramic Fuel Cells (pdf, 41 KB)

Witness: Vestas_Australian_Wind_Technology.pdf  (pdf, 43 KB)

Witness: AGL Energy (pdf, 40 KB)

Witness: Alternative Technology Association (pdf, 31 KB)

Witness: Dr David Sparks (pdf, 28 KB)

10th August 2009, Melbourne


Witness: Environment Victoria (pdf, 45 KB)

Witness: SMARTimbers Cooperative (pdf, 48 KB)

Witness: Environment Defenders Office - Victoria (pdf 53 KB)

Witness: Western Plains Landscape Guardians Association (pdf, 39 KB)

Witness: Aboriginal Affairs Victoria (pdf, 46 KB)

Witness: Acciona Energy (pdf, 29 KB)

24th August 2009, Ararat

Witness: Ararat Rural City Council (pdf, 83 KB)

Witness: Ararat Greenhouse Action Group (pdf, 34 KB)

Witness: Grampians-Glenthompson Landscape Guardians Inc (pdf, 53 KB)

Witness: NewEn Australia Pty Ltd (pdf, 28 KB)

Witness: Renewable Energy Systems Australia (pdf, 36 KB)

7th September 2009 Port Fairy

Witness: Moyne Shire Council and City of Warrnambool (pdf, 71 KB)

Witness: Corangamite Shire Council (pdf, 35 KB)

Witness: Framlingham Aboriginal Trust (pdf, 235 KB)

Witness: Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation (pdf, 33 KB)

Witness: Hamish Cumming (pdf, 42 KB)

8th September 2009 Port Fairy

Witness: Macarthur-Hawkesdale Landscape Guardians (pdf, 68 KB)

Witness: Department of Planning and Community Development (pdf, 62 KB)

Witness: Department of Sustainability and Environment (pdf, 48 KB)

Witness: Hot Rock Ltd. (pdf, 35 KB)

28th September 2009 Adelaide

Witness: Wattle Range Council (pdf, 68 KB)

Witness: South Australia Government (pdf, 139 KB)

Witness: Australian Geothermal Energy Association (pdf, 63 KB)

29th September 2009 Adelaide

Witness: AGL (pdf, 45 KB)

Witness: Environmental Defenders Office (pdf, 36 KB)

Witness: Australian Energy Market Operator Ltd (pdf, 29 KB)

Witness: Wyatt & Associates (pdf, 57 KB)

Witness: Carnegie Wave Energy Ltd (pdf, 31 KB)