Inquiry into the 2019-20 Budget Estimates

Schedule and Transcripts

Following the introduction of the 2019-20 Appropriation Bills, the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee will hold public hearings with all Ministers and the Parliament's Presiding Officers. The hearings allow the Committee to ask questions on a wide variety of issues relating to the Budget. The 2019-20 Budget Estimates hearings will commence on Friday 31 May 2019.

A printable schedule can be found here pdf2019-20 Budget Estimates Schedule94.32 KB

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The 2019-20 Budget Estimates hearings will be held in the Legislative Council Committee Room at Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne.








Friday 31 May 2019

Time Minister Portfolio Presentations and Transcripts  Tabled documents
8.30am Hon. Tim Pallas MP   Treasurer

pdfTranscript381.93 KB

pdfPresentation508.47 KB

pdfLtr Prof R Officer 2.60 MB
11.30am   Economic Development

pdfTranscript167.51 KB

pdfPresentation790.55 KB

12.05pm   Industrial Relations

pdfTranscript164.03 KB

pdfPresentation347.39 KB

1.30pm Hon. Daniel Andrews MP Premier

pdfTranscript364.16 KB

pdfPresentation697.74 KB

4.30pm   Mr Andrew Greaves Victorian Auditor-General's Office

pdfTranscript145.16 KB

pdfPresentation386.40 KB

5.05pm Hon. Colin Brooks MP (Speaker)
Hon. Shaun Leane MLC (President) 
Parliamentary Departments 

pdfTranscript211.33 KB

pdfPresentation751.88 KB



Friday 7 June 2019

Time Minister Portfolio Presentation and Transcripts Tabled documents
8.30am Hon. Robin Scott MP

Assistant Treasurer pdfPresentation205.59 KB  
10.05am Veterans pdfPresentation1.54 MB  
2.30pm Hon. Richard Wynne MP Planning pdfPresentation2.34 MB  
3.45pm Housing pdfPresentation790.49 KB  
4.30pm Multicultural Affairs pdfPresentation1.04 MB  
5.30pm Hon. James Merlino MP Education pdfPresentation4.74 MB  
8.00pm Hon. Gayle Tierney MLC Training and Skills / Higher Education pdfPresentation2.43 MB  


Tuesday 11 June 2019

Time Minister Portfolio Presentations and Transcripts Tabled documents
9.00am Hon. Gavin Jennings MLC Special Minister of State pdfPresentation720.92 KB  
10.30am Priority Precincts pdfPresentation4.02 MB  
11.05am Aboriginal Affairs pdfPresentation939.19 KB  
12.00pm Hon. Lily D'Ambrosio MP Energy, Environment and Climate Change pdfPresentation1.40 MB  
2.05pm Solar Homes pdfPresentation552.76 KB  
3.00pm Hon. Martin Pakula MP Racing pdfPresentation162.90 KB  
3.35pm Jobs, Innovation and Trade pdfPresentation848.87 KB  
5.05pm Tourism, Sport and Major Events pdfPresentation820.53 KB  
6.30pm Hon. Marlene Kairouz MP Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation pdfPresentation139.47 KB  
7.05pm Suburban Development pdfPresentation2.03 MB  
7.40pm Hon. Adem Somyurek MLC Small Business pdfPresentation1.09 MB  
8.15pm Local Government pdfPresentation1.57 MB  


Wednesday 12 June 2019

Time Minister Portfolio Presentations and Transcripts Tabled documents
8.30am Hon. Jacinta Allan MP Transport Infrastructure pdfPresentation1.82 MB  
11.00am Hon. Jaala Pulford MLC Roads / Road Safety and the TAC pdfPresentation1.35 MB  
1.05pm Fishing and Boating pdfPresentation963.77 KB  
2.30pm Hon. Melissa Horne MP Public Transport pdfPresentation2.83 MB  
4.05pm Ports and Freight pdfPresentation962.59 KB  
5.00pm Hon. Jaclyn Symes MLC Agriculture pdfPresentation268.62 KB  
6.35pm Regional Development pdfPresentation1.01 MB  
7.40pm Resources pdfPresentation586.63 KB  


Thursday 13 June 2019


Time Minister Portfolio Presentations and Transcripts Tabled Documents
8.30am Hon. Jenny Mikakos MLC  Health pdfPresentation721.19 KB  
11.30am Ambulance Services pdf Presentation461.21 KB  
1.15pm Hon. Gabrielle Williams MP Prevention of Family Violence pdfPresentation349.47 KB  
2.20pm Women pdfPresentation1.09 MB  
3.25pm Youth pdfPresentation2.01 MB  
4.15pm Hon. Martin Foley MP Mental Health pdfPresentation1.19 MB  
5.35pm Equality pdfPresentation 623.12 KB  
6.10pm Creative Industries pdfPresentation626.26 KB   
7.10pm Hon. Luke Donnellan MP Child Protection pdfPresentation 323.40 KB  
8.15pm Disability, Ageing and Carers pdfPresentation359.14 KB   


Friday 14 June 2019

Time Minister Portfolio Presentations and Transcripts Tabled documents
8.30am Hon. Jill Hennessy MP Attorney-General pdfPresentation218.42 KB  
10.15am Workplace Safety pdfPresentation127.83 KB  
11.05am Hon. Lisa Neville MP Water pdfPresentation2.49 MB  
1.00pm Police pdf Presentation 3.70 MB  
2.32pm Emergency Services  
4.00pm Hon. Ben Carroll MP Corrections pdfPresentation518.64 KB  
5.05pm Victim Support pdfPresentation235.62 KB  
5.40pm Crime Prevention pdfPresentation279.01 KB  
6.15pm Youth Justice pdfPresentation 288.15 KB  



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