Inquiry into the 2020-21 Financial and Performance Outcomes

Hearings and Transcripts

The Inquiry into the 2020-21 Financial and Performance Outcome hearings were held 8-12 November 2021. Please see the hearing schedule here.

Monday 8 November 2021

Time Witness Transcript and Presentations

Department of Treasury and Finance
David Martine, Secretary
Gayle Porthouse, Deputy Secretary, Corporate and Government Services Division
Jamie Driscoll, Deputy Secretary, Budget and Finance Division
Jason Loos, Deputy Secretary, Commercial Division
Chris Barrett, Deputy Secretary, Economic Division
Danni Jarrett, Chief Executive Officer, Invest Victoria
Steven Polites, Executive Director, State Revenue Office
Bill Whitford, Managing Director, Treasury Corporation of Victoria
Kate Galvin, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Funds Management Corporation
Andrew Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Managed Insurance Authority
Dr. John Hamill, Chief Executive Officer, Essential Services Commission

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 1.30pm Department of Health

Professor Euan Wallace, Secretary
Professor Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer, Health Protection
Jodie Geissler, Deputy Secretary, Commissioning and System Improvement
Katherine Whetton, Deputy Secretary, Mental Health and Wellbeing
Greg Stenton, Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services
Chris Hotham, Deputy Secretary, Health Infrastructure
Professor Tony Walker, Chief Executive Officer, Ambulance Victoria 
Jeroen Weimar, Deputy Secretary, COVID-19 Response 
Professor Mike Roberts, Chief Executive Officer, Safer Care Victoria
Zoe Wainer, Deputy Secretary, Public Health

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Parliamentary Departments
Peter Lochert, Secretary, Department of Parliamentary Services 
Bridget Noonan, Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
Andrew Young, Clerk of the Legislative Council
Matthew Smith, Deputy Secretary and Chief Information Officer, Department of Parliamentary Services
Robert McDonald, Deputy Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
Anne Sargent, Deputy Clerk of the Legislative Council

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Tuesday 9 November 2021

Time Witness Transcript and Presentations

Department of Justice and Community Safety
Rebecca Falkingham, Secretary
Craig Howard, Deputy Secretary, Fines, Registration and Crime Prevention
Larissa Strong, A/Corrections Commissioner
Jodi Henderson, Youth Justice Commissioner
Shane Patton, Police Commissioner, Victoria Police
Andrew Crisp, Emergency Management Commissioner
Emma Cassar, Commissioner, COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria
Susan Middleditch, Deputy Secretary, Corporate and Regulatory Services, Victoria Police
Byron Crawford, Chief Financial Officer, Victoria Police
Emma Catford, Deputy Secretary of Policy and Strategy, COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria

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Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
Simon Phemister, Secretary
Penelope McKay, Associate Secretary
David Latina, Deputy Secretary, Jobs, Innovation and Business Engagement
Beth Jones, Deputy Secretary, Rural and Regional Victoria
Jim Round, Deputy Secretary, Industry Coordination and Recovery
Andrew Abbott, Deputy Secretary, Creative, Sport and Visitor Economy; and Chief Executive, Creative Victoria
Gönül Serbest, Chief Executive Officer, Global Victoria
Matt Lowe, Deputy Secretary, Agriculture
Emily Phillips, Deputy Secretary, Local Government and Suburban Development
David Clements, Deputy Secretary, Employment and Inclusion Group
Paul Smith, Deputy Secretary, Forestry and Climate Change

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Court Services Victoria
Louise Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Court Services Victoria
Fiona Chamberlain, Chief Operating Officer
Sam Costanzo, Chief Finance Officer

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Wednesday 10 November 2021

Time Witness Transcript and Presentations

Department of Transport
Paul Younis, Secretary
Corey Hannett, Director General, Major Transport Infrastructure Authority
Nicholas Foa, Head of Transport Services
Frankie Carroll, CEO, Suburban Rail Loop Authority
Angela Skandarajah, Chief Executive, Development Victoria
Joe Calafiore, CEO, Transport Accident Commission
Tammy O’Connor, CEO, Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria
Evan Tattersall Chief Executive Officer, Rail Projects Victoria
Kevin Devlin, Chief Executive Officer, Level Crossing Removal Project
Duncan Elliott, Chief Executive Officer, North East Link Project
Paul Northey, Chief, Regional Surface Transport
William Tieppo, Deputy Secretary, Network Integration and Design
Travis Dowling, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Fisheries Authority

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Department of Education and Training
Jenny Atta PSM, Secretary
Tom Kirkland, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Victorian School Building Authority
Dr David Howes PSM, Deputy Secretary, Schools and Regional Services
Kim Little, Deputy Secretary, Early Childhood Education
Lill Healy, Deputy Secretary, Higher Education and Skills
Anthony Bates PSM, Deputy Secretary, Financial Policy and Information Services
Kylie White, Deputy Secretary, Policy, Strategy and Performance
Stephen Fraser, Deputy Secretary, School Education Programs and Support
Stephen Gniel, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
Dr Simon Booth, Executive Director, Tertiary Education Policy and Performance
Xavier Csar, Chief Executive Officer, Office of the TAFE Coordination and Delivery

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Thursday 11 November 2021

Time Witness Transcript and Presentations
 1.30pm Department of Premier and Cabinet

Jeremi Moule, Secretary
Kate Houghton, Deputy Secretary, Social Policy and Intergovernmental Relations
Tim Ada, Deputy Secretary, Economic Policy and State Productivity
Vivien Allimonos, Deputy Secretary, Cabinet, Communications and Corporate
Toby Hemming, Deputy Secretary & General Counsel, Legal Legislation and Governance
Matt O'Connor, Deputy Secretary, Industrial Relations Victoria
Elly Patira, Deputy Secretary, First Peoples-State Relations
Michael McNamara, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Victoria

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Friday 12 November 2021

Time Witness Transcript and Presentations

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
John Bradley, Secretary
Karen Lau, Deputy Secretary, Environment and Climate Change
Anthea Harris, Deputy Secretary, Energy
Christine Ferguson, Deputy Secretary, Forest Fire Regions
Julian Lyngcoln, Deputy Secretary, Planning
Helen Vaughan, Deputy Secretary, Water,
Terry Garwood, Deputy Secretary, Land Services and First Peoples Group
Graeme Emonson, Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services
Xavier Hinckson, Chief Financial Officer
Chris Hardman, Chief Fire Officer
Kate Gavens, Chief Conservation Regulator
Stan Krpan, Chief Executive Officer, Solar Victoria
Sue Eddy, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Building Authority
Lee Miezis, Chief Executive Officer, Environment Protection Authority
Matthew Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Parks Victoria
Dan O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer, Cladding Services Victoria
Stuart Moseley, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Planning Authority

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 1.30pm Department of Families, Fairness and Housing
Sandy Pitcher, Secretary
Ben Rimmer, Associate Secretary; Chief Executive Officer, Homes Victoria
Argiri Alisandratos, Deputy Secretary, Children, Families, Communities and Disability
Janine Toomey, Senior Executive Director, Community Services Operations
Eleri Butler, Deputy Secretary, Family Safety Victoria
Brigid Monagle, Acting Deputy Secretary, Readiness, Response and Emergency Management
Nicola Young, Acting Deputy Secretary, Fairer Victoria
Andrew Minack, Deputy Secretary, Corporate and Delivery Services
Cynthia Lahiff, Chief Finance Officer

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