Functions of the Committee

In 1895 the Victorian Legislative Assembly set up the first Public Accounts Committee in Australia. It was one of the first such Committees in the world.

The Committee has a proud tradition of active oversight. It produces reports that promote public sector reform and accountability. It is considered the flagship committee of the Victorian Parliament. 

On behalf of the Parliament, the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee examines public administration and finances to improve outcomes for the Victorian community.


 The PAEC areas of responsibility


The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee’s role is set out in legislation. It has three main functions – public accounts, estimates and oversight.The Committee aims to:

  1. Promote public sector accountability
  2. Deliver reports that promote improvements to public administration and financial management of the State
  3. Follow-up on Auditor-General recommendations
  4. Ensure the Auditor-General and Parliamentary Budget Officer are accountable and remain independent
  5. Enhance MPs’ understanding and decision making of State financial management matters
  6. Contribute to the local and global community of public accounts committees and like agencies