Inquiry into Victorian Auditor General's Office Reports January to June 2009

Hearings and Transcripts

The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee is currently conducting a review of the findings of Auditor-General reports tabled between January to June 2009. The Committee has prioritised the following reports for review and on Thursday 25 August 2011 will hold public hearings in regard to:

  • Preparedness to Respond to Terrorism Incidents: Essential Services and Critical Infrastructure
  • Access to Public Hospitals: Measuring Performance

The final schedule and witness list can be found  here (pdf 13.09 Kb) .

Verified Transcripts

Thursday 25 August 2011

Victorian Auditor-General's Office -  Verified Transcript - Morning Session (pdf 80.15 Kb) Verified Transcript - Afternoon Session (pdf 44.29 Kb)

Department of Premier and Cabinet -  Verified Transcript (pdf 69.79 Kb) DPC Presentation (pdf234.47 Kb)

Department of Justice -  Verified Transcript (pdf 97.90 Kb) -  DoJ Presentation (pdf407.51 Kb)

Department of Premier and Cabinet/ Department of Justice joint appearance -  Verified Transcript (pdf 98.25 Kb)

Department of Health -  Verified Transcript (pdf 86.66 Kb)

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 September 2011