Inquiry into the 2011-12 Budget Estimates

Questions on Notice - responses

Following the 2011-12 Budget Estimates Hearings, the Committee requested information on any outstanding matters including any further information that was agreed to be supplied at the hearings. Accordingly, requests were sent to Ministers and the responses can be found below, via each Minister.

Not all Ministers were asked for further information.

Hon Louise Asher MP


Hon Bruce Atkinson MLC and Hon Ken Smith MP


Hon Ted Baillieu MP


Hon Robert Clark MP


Hon David Davis MLC


Hon Hugh Delahunty MP


Hon Martin Dixon MP


Hon Matthew Guy MLC


Hon Peter Hall MLC


Hon Wendy Lovell MLC


Hon Andrew McIntosh MP


Hon Terry Mulder MP


Hon Dr Denis Napthine MP


Hon Michael O'Brien MP


Hon Jeanette Powell MP


Hon Peter Ryan MP


Hon Gordon Rich-Phillips MLC


Hon Ryan Smith MP


Hon Mary Wooldridge MP


Last Updated on Friday, 29 July 2011