Inquiry into Financial and Performance Outcomes 2011-12

General Questionnaire - Department Responses

The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee has commenced its Inquiry into the Financial and Performance Outcomes for 2011-12. This inquiry is part of the Committee’s ongoing Parliamentary responsibilities for scrutinising and reporting on financial management in Victoria. As part of this inquiry, on 30 November 2012 the Committee sent out questionnaires to departments and nominated agencies. The information provided in response to this questionnaire is crucial for the Committee in preparing its report.

Subsequent clarification questions were sent to some departments and are also listed below.

Department of Business and Innovation

Department of Education & Early Childhood Development

Department of Health

Department of Human Services

Department of Justice

Department of Parliamentary Services

Department of Planning & Community Development

Department of Premier and Cabinet

Department of Primary Industries

Department of Sustainability and Environment

Department of Transport

Department of Treasury and Finance

Victorian Auditor-General's Office


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