Inquiry into the 2013-14 Budget Estimates

Questions on Notice - responses

Following the 2013-14 Budget Estimates Hearings, the Committee requested information on any outstanding matters including any further information that was agreed to be supplied at the hearings. Accordingly, requests were sent to Ministers and the responses can be found below, categorised by Minister.

Not all Ministers were asked for further information.

Hon Louise Asher MP

pdf Employment and Trade 772.00 Kb

Hon Robert Clark MP

pdf Attorney-General 323.71 Kb

pdf Finance 271.04 Kb

pdf Industrial Relations 286.99 Kb

Hon David Davis MLC

pdf Health 624.11 Kb

Hon Hugh Delahunty MP

pdf Sport and Recreation 328.88 Kb

Hon Matthew Guy MLC

pdf Planning 378.64 Kb

Hon Peter Hall MLC

pdf Higher Education and Skills 431.44 Kbpdf Further Information 979.97 Kb

Hon David Hodgett MP

pdf Major Projects 934.49 Kb

pdf Ports 1.33 Mb

Hon Nicholas Kotsiras MP

pdf Energy and Resources 301.38 Kb

pdf Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship 269.20 Kb

Hon Terry Mulder MP

pdf Public Transport 1.05 Mb

Dr Denis Napthine MP

pdf Racing 325.18 Kb

Hon Michael O’Brien MP

pdf Treasurer 905.95 Kb

Hon Edward O’Donohue MLC

pdf Corrections 815.94 Kb

pdf Liquor and Gaming Regulation 765.21 Kb

Hon Gordon Rich-Phillips MLC

pdf Assistant Treasurer 277.81 Kb

pdf Aviation Industry 318.66 Kb

Hon Peter Ryan MP

pdf Regional and Rural Development 380.92 Kb

pdf State Development 380.92 Kb

Hon Ryan Smith MP

pdf Environment and Climate Change 484.46 Kb

Hon Heidi Victoria MP

pdf Consumer Affairs 3.30 Mb

Hon Peter Walsh MP

pdf Agriculture and Food Security 616.61 Kb

pdf Water 616.61 Kb

Hon Kim Wells MP

pdf Bushfire Response 722.80 Kb

pdf Police and Emergency Services 722.80 Kb

Hon Mary Wooldridge MP

pdf Community Services 1.16 Mb

pdf Disability Services and Reform 1.16 Mb

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 August 2013