Inquiry into the 2017-18 Budget Estimates

Questions on Notice

Following the 2017-18 Budget Estimates hearings, the Committee requested information on any outstanding matters incluidng any further information that was agreed to be supplied at the hearings. Accordingly, requests were sent to Ministers and the responses can be found below.

* Responses will be posted as they become available.

Not all portfolios may be subject to Questions on Notice.


 Minister Portfolios
Hon Jacinta Allan MP

pdfMajor Projects878.21 KB

pdfPublic Transport886.85 KB

Hon Lily D'Ambrosio MP

pdfEnergy, Environment and Climate Change825.86 KB

pdfresponse to Q6110.59 MB

Hon Daniel Andrews MP pdfPremier729.30 KB
Hon Philip Dalidakis MLC pdfSmall Business, Innovation and Trade664.07 KB
Hon Luke Donnellan MP pdfRoads and Road Safety723.70 KB
Hon John Eren MP

pdfSport2.01 MB

pdfTourism and Major Events1.11 MB

Hon Martin Foley MP

pdfCreative Industries694.07 KB

pdfEquality644.71 KB

pdfHousing, Disability and Ageing1.18 MB

pdfMental Health1.18 MB (from page 2 of document)

Hon Jill Hennessy MP

pdfAmbulance Services707.11 KB

pdfHealth5.11 MB
Hon Natalie Hutchins MP

pdfAboriginal Affairs744.60 KB

pdfIndustrial Relations880.59 KB

pdfLocal Government827.58 KB

Hon Gavin Jennings MLC pdfSpecial Minister of State631.55 KB
Hon Marlene Kairouz MP

pdfConsumer Affairs, Gaming & Liquor Regulation848.58 KB

pdfResponse to Q2631.16 KB

Hon James Merlino MP

pdfEducation714.99 KB

pdfEmergency Services645.94 KB
Hon Jenny Mikakos MLC

pdfFamilies and Children735.67 KB

pdfYouth Affairs672.00 KB

Hon Lisa Neville MP

pdfPolice613.59 KB

pdfWater843.83 KB

Hon Wade Noonan MP

pdfIndustry and Employment860.23 KB

pdfResources909.32 KB
Hon Martin Pakula MP

pdfAttorney-General790.58 KB

pdfRacing735.90 KB

Hon Tim Pallas MP pdfTreasurer631.32 KB
Hon Jaala Pulford MLC

pdfAgriculture850.93 KB

pdfAgriculture - additional information674.78 KB

pdfRegional Development878.67 KB

Hon Fiona Richardson MP

pdfWomen673.34 KB

pdfPrevention of Family Violence717.44 KB

Hon Robin Scott MP

pdfFinance938.93 KB

pdfMulticultural Affairs929.35 KB

pdfVICKY schedule814.00 KB

Hon Gayle Tierney MLC

pdfCorrections941.49 KB

pdfTraining and Skills 902.20 KB
Hon Richard Wynne MP pdfPlanning866.92 KB

Hon Bruce Atkinson MLC
Hon Colin Brooks MP

pdfParliamentary Departments1.10 MB



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