Inquiry into the 2019-20 Budget Estimates

Questionnaire responses

On 2 April 2019 the Committee sent a general questionnaire to each department requesting information to assist it with its Inquiry into the 2019-20 Budget Estimates.

The Committee expects to receive responses to the questionnaire in time for them to be considered before the Budget Estimates hearings. This approach seeks to ensure the Committee undertakes its consideration of the annual budget estimates with access to all the information that is relevant to its inquiry.

The table below sets out the when the questionnaire response was received from the department and a link to the response. Responses were requested by 28 May 2019.


Departmental responses to the 2019-20 budget estimates general questionnaire

 Department Received Questionnaire response
Education and Training 28 May 2019 pdfDET 2019-20 BEQ Response2.49 MB
Environment, Land, Water and Planning 29 May 2019 pdfDELWP 2019-20 BEQ Response2.35 MB
Health and Human Services  05 June 2019

pdfDHHS 2019-20 BEQ Response1.63 MB

pdfDHHS Correction - Question 24 of 2019-20 BEQ Response821.23 KB

Justice and Community Safety  31 May 2019 pdfDJCS 2019-20 BEQ Response3.05 MB
Jobs, Precincts and Regions 28 May 2019 pdfDJPR 2019-20 BEQ Response2.10 MB
Premier and Cabinet 28 May 2019 pdfDPC 2019-20 BEQ Response1.28 MB
Parliamentary Services 28 May 2019 pdfDPS 2019-20 BEQ Response1.14 MB
Transport 28 May 2019 pdfDOT 2019-20 BEQ Response3.55 MB
Treasury and Finance 28 May 2019 pdfDTF 2019-20 BEQ Response2.77 MB
Court Services Victoria* 29 May 2019 pdfCSV 2019-20 BEQ Response1.16 MB

As an independent statutory body corporate, Court Services Victoria (CSV) is required to respond


Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 October 2019