Inquiry into the 2019-20 Budget Estimates

Questions on Notice

At the 2019-20 Budget Estimates hearings witnesses took questions on notice or agreed to supply further information about particular issues. The Committee requested responses to these questions on notice taken at the hearings and further information by 4 July 2019.

Following the 2019-20 Budget Estimates hearings Committee members asked written questions on notice. The Committee requested responses to these written questions by 25 July 2019.

The table below sets out when responses were received from each portfolio and a link to the response.





Responses to Questions on Notice

Portfolio Questions on Notice taken at hearings  Written Questions on Notice
Treasurer pdf28 June 20191.17 MB pdf26 July 2019777.42 KB
Economic Development N/A  pdf26 July 2019 691.78 KB
Industrial Relations pdf1 July 2019612.68 KB pdf16 July 20191.25 MB
Premier pdf4 July 2019753.61 KB pdf25 July 20191.23 MB
Victorian Auditor-General's Office N/A  N/A 
Parliamentary Departments  pdf8 July 20191.07 MB  pdf26 July 2019
Assistant Treasurer pdf4 July 20191.34 MB pdf26 July 2019740.74 KB
Veterans pdf3 July 2019651.98 KB N/A
Planning pdf5 July 2019683.66 KB pdf5 July 2019762.08 KB
Housing pdf12 July 2019815.92 KB pdf25 July 2019914.47 KB
Multicultural Affairs N/A  pdf31 July 20191.02 MB
Education pdf4 July 2019915.92 KB pdf25 July 20192.53 MB
Training and Skills / Higher Education pdf4 July 2019874.59 KB pdf26 July 2019927.40 KB
Special Minister of State pdf4 July 2019660.13 KB  pdf25 July 20191.52 MB
Priority Precincts pdf4 July 20191.07 MB  pdf19 July 2019 1.62 MB
Aboriginal Affairs pdf4 July 2019946.27 KB pdf25 July 20191.16 MB
Energy, Environment and Climate Change pdf5 July 2019812.76 KB  pdf25 July 2019 918.26 KB
Solar Homes pdf5 July 2019666.99 KB  pdf25 July 2019866.20 KB
Racing pdf10 July 2019681.09 KB pdf23 July 2019666.76 KB
Jobs, Innovation and Trade pdf10 July 2019997.39 KB pdf23 July 2019 811.47 KB
Tourism, Sport and Major Events pdf10 July 2019881.14 KB pdf23 July 2019 816.49 KB
Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation pdf4 July 2019687.41 KB  pdf 25 July 2019688.98 KB
Suburban Development pdf4 July 2019625.14 KB  N/A
Small Business pdf4 July 2019672.60 KB pdf25 July 2019777.06 KB
Local Government pdf4 July 2019692.03 KB N/A
Transport Infrastructure pdf4 July 2019835.79 KB pdf26 July 20191.19 MB
Roads / Road Safety and the TAC pdf4 July 2019855.06 KB pdf25 July 2019738.41 KB
Fishing and Boating pdf4 July 2019790.26 KB pdf24 July 2019 1.10 MB
Public Transport pdf8 July 2019832.11 KB  pdf26 July 20191.60 MB
Ports and Freight pdf8 July 2019672.85 KB pdf26 July 20191.79 MB
Agriculture pdf4 July 20191.68 MB pdf25 July 2019655.50 KB
Regional Development pdfJuly 2019604.33 KB pdf4 July 2019598.93 KB
Resources pdf4 July 2019719.70 KB N/A 
Health pdf12 July 2019764.71 KB pdf25 July 20191.32 MB
Ambulance Services pdf12 July 2019733.89 KB pdf25 July 2019952.58 KB
Prevention of Family Violence pdf12 July 2019684.21 KB pdf25 July 2019691.75 KB
Women pdf10 July 2019645.98 KB  pdf17 July 2019617.51 KB
Youth pdf31 July 2019654.64 KB pdf31 July 20191.13 MB
Mental Health pdf12 July 2019719.80 KB pdf25 July 20191.06 MB
Equality pdf15 July 2019749.68 KB  pdf12 July 2019730.73 KB
Creative Industries pdf4 July 2019687.51 KB pdf16 July 20191.50 MB
Child Protection N/A  pdf25 July 2019 1.02 MB
Disability, Ageing and Carers pdf12 July 2019693.59 KB pdf25 July 20191.03 MB
Attorney-General pdf4 July 2019779.74 KB pdf26 July 2019798.53 KB
Workplace Safety pdf4 July 2019778.24 KB pdf26 July 2019697.19 KB
Water pdf5 July 2019699.45 KB  N/A 
Police and Emergency Services pdf5 July 2019881.09 KB  pdf29 July 2019687.76 KB
Corrections pdf4 July 2019900.55 KB pdf 25 July 2019809.19 KB
Victim Support pdf4 July 2019820.10 KB  N/A
Crime Prevention pdf4 July 2019840.60 KB pdf25 July 2019694.81 KB
Youth Justice pdf4 July 20191.05 MB pdf25 July 2019814.49 KB

*Responses will be posted as they become available.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 October 2019