Inquiry into Gender Responsive Budgeting

Terms of Reference

The Committee resolved at its meeting on 9 September 2019 to conduct an Inquiry into Gender Responsive Budgeting.

The terms of reference for the inquiry require the Committee to:

  1. Review and seek advice on international and national developments in gender responsive budgeting.
  2. Assess the status of the Victorian Public Sector's gender responsive budgeting initiatives and what outcomes have been achieved to date.
  3. Consider the current application of developments in gender responsive budgeting for both private and public organisations in Australia and overseas.
  4. Investigate the implications of these developments for Victorian and Australian Public Sector accounting and reporting.
  5. Review the extent to which the Victorian and Australian Public Sector should be required to publicly report on the positive outcomes and negative impacts of their activities to achieve gender equality.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 March 2022