Inquiry into 2019-20 Financial and Performance Outcomes

Hearings and Transcripts

The 2019-20 Financial and Performance Outcomes Inquiry hearings were held from 22-25 February 2021. 
Corrected transcripts of these hearings will also be published here when finalised by the Committee.

Monday 22 February 2021

Time Witness Transcript and Presentations

Department of Treasury and Finance
David Martine, Secretary, Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF)
Gayle Porthouse, Deputy Secretary, Corporate and Government Services Division, DTF
Jamie Driscoll, Deputy Secretary, Budget and Finance Division, DTF
Jason Loos, Deputy Secretary, Commercial Division, DTFChris Barrett, Deputy Secretary, Economic Division, DTF
Danni Jarrett, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Invest Victoria, DTF
Tania Reaburn. Chief Finance Officer, DTF
Paul Broderick, Chief Executive Officer, State Revenue Office
Bill Whitford, Managing Director, Treasury Corporation of Victoria
Lisa Gray, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Funds Management Corporation
Andrew Davies, CEO, Victorian Managed Insurance Authority
Dr John Hamill, CEO, Essential Services Commission

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 1.30pm Department of Health
Department of Families, Fairness and Housing
(formerly Department of Health and Human Services)
Professor Euan Wallace, Secretary, Department of Health (DoH)
Sandy Pitcher, Secretary, Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH)
Ben Rimmer, Associate Secretary, DFFH; Chief Executive Officer, Homes Victoria
Chris Hotham, Deputy Secretary, Health Infrastructure, DoH
Greg Stenton, Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services, DoH
Argiri Alisandratos, Deputy Secretary, Children, Families, Communities and Disability, DFFH
Chris Asquini, Deputy Secretary, Community Services Operations, DFFH
Jeroen Weimar, Deputy Secretary, COVID-19 Response, DoH and DFFH 
Ben Fielding, Deputy Secretary, Commissioning and Service Performance, DoH
Katherine Whetton, Deputy Secretary, Mental Health, DoH
Eleri Butler, Chief Executive Officer, Family Safety Victoria
Jacinda de Witts, Deputy Secretary, Regulatory, Risk, Integrity and Legal, DoH
Kym Arthur, Director, Office of the Secretary, DoH
Mary Campbell, Director, Office of the Secretary,  DFFH

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Tuesday 23 February 2021 

Time Witness Transcript and Presentations
 9.30am Department of Justice and Community Safety
Rebecca Falkingham, Secretary, Department of Justice and Community Safety (DJCS)
Shane Patton, Chief Commissioner, Victoria Police
Andrew Crisp, Emergency Management Commissioner, DJCS
Larissa Strong, Corrections Commissioner, DJCS
Anna Faithful, Deputy Secretary, Justice Policy and Data Reform, DJCS 
Craig Howard, Acting Deputy Secretary, Fines, Registration and Crime Prevention, DJCS 
Jodi Henderson, Youth Justice Commissioner, DJCS
Corinne Cadilhac, Deputy Secretary, Justice Infrastructure, DJCS; CEO, Community Safety Building Authority
Susan Middleditch, Deputy Secretary, Corporate and Regulatory Services, Victoria Police
Ryan Phillips, Deputy Secretary, Corrections and Justice Services, DJCS 
Samuel Porter, Deputy Secretary and Chief Counsel, Legal and Integrity, DJCS 
John Batho, Deputy Secretary, Consumer Affairs, Liquor, Gaming and Dispute Services, DJCS 
Peta McCammon, Deputy Secretary, Service Delivery Reform, Coordination and Workplace Safety, DJCS 
Bill Kyriakopoulos, Acting Deputy Secretary, Police Community Safety and Communications, DJCS 
Lynda Rogers, Acting Deputy Secretary, Corporate Governance and Support, DJCS 
Sue Clifford, Deputy Secretary, Emergency Management and Chief Executive, Emergency Management Victoria, DJCS 
Josh Smith, Deputy Secretary, Aboriginal Justice, DJCS
Jenni Rigby, Executive Director, Strategy and Policy - Emergency Management, DJCS 
Mariela Diaz, Executive Director, Fire Sector Reform - Emergency Management, DJCS
Lincoln Tong, Director, Strategic Finance, Victoria Police
Danni De Krester, Deputy Secretary, Youth Justice, DJCS
Jacinta Thomson, Acting Executive Director, Investment Management and Reporting, Victoria Police

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 1.30pm Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
Simon Phemister, Secretary, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR)
Penelope McKay, Associate Secretary, DJPR

David Latina, Deputy Secretary, Jobs, Innovation and Business Engagement, DJPR
Andrew Abbott, Deputy Secretary, Creative, Sport & Visitor Economy, DJPR
Gonul Serbest, CEO, Global Victoria
Beth Jones, Deputy Secretary, Rural and Regional Victoria, DJPR
Matt Lowe, Deputy Secretary, Agriculture, DJPR
Sara Harbidge, Executive Director, Office for Suburban Development, DJPR

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Wednesday 24 February 2021 

Time Witness Transcript and Presentations
 9.30am Department of Transport
Paul Younis, Secretary, Department of Transport (DoT)
Nicholas Foa, Head, Transport Services, DoT
Megan Bourke-O'Neil, Deputy Secretary, Policy and Innovation, DoT
Corey Hannett, Director General, MTIA
Kevin Devlin, CEO, Level Crossing Removal Project
Evan Tattersall CEO, Rail Projects Victoria
Duncan Elliott, Chief Executive Officer, North East Link Project
Dean Tighe, Deputy Secretary,  Investment & Technology, DoT
Travis Dowling, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Fisheries Authority

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 1.30pm Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
John Bradley, Secretary, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)
Kylie White, Deputy Secretary Environment and Climate Change, DELWP
Anthea Harris, Deputy Secretary Energy, DELWP
Christine Ferguson, Deputy Secretary Forest Fire Regions, DELWP
Julian Lyngcoln, Deputy Secretary Planning, DELWP
Helen Vaughan, Deputy Secretary Water, DELWP
Terry Garwood, Deputy Secretary, Local Infrastructure Group, DELWP
Graeme Emonson, Deputy Secretary Corporate Services, DELWP
Xavier Hinckson, Chief Financial Officer, DELWP
Chris Hardman, Chief Fire Officer, DELWP
Stan Krpan, CEO, Solar Victoria, DELWP
Lynda Mcalary-Smith, Executive Director- Operations, Victorian Building Authority
Lee Miezis, Interim CEO, Environment Protection Authority
Tim Eaton, Executive Director - Regulatory Standards, Assessments & Permissioning, Environment Protection Authority
Matthew Jackson, CEO, Parks Victoria
Dan O'Brien, CEO, Cladding Services Victoria

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 Thursday 25 February 2021 

Time Witness Transcript and Presentations
 9.30am Department of Premier and Cabinet
Jeremi Moule, Secretary, Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC)

Andrew Campbell, Acting Deputy Secretary, Governance Policy and Coordination, DPC
Tim Ada, Deputy Secretary, Economic Policy & State Productivity, DPC
Kate Houghton, Deputy Secretary, Social Policy, DPC
Toby Hemming, General Counsel, DPC
Brigid Monagle, Deputy Secretary, Fairer Victoria, Department of Families, Fairness and Housing
Matt O'Connor, Deputy Secretary, Industrial Relations Victoria

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 1.30pm Department of Education and Training
Jenny Atta, Secretary, Department of Education and Training (DET)
Chris Keating, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian School Building Authority, DET
Dr David Howes, Deputy Secretary, Schools and Regional Services, DET
Kim Little, Deputy Secretary, Early Childhood Education, DET
Lee Watts, Deputy Secretary, Higher Education & Skills, DET
Anthony Bates PSM, Deputy Secretary, Financial Policy & Information Services, DET
Ian Burrage, Acting Deputy Secretary, School Education Programs & Support, DET
Stephen Gniel, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority, DET
Dr Simon Booth Executive Director, Tertiary Education Policy and Performance, DET

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