Inquiry into 2019-20 Financial and Performance Outcomes

Questionnaire - Departmental Responses

On 17 December 2020 the Committee sent a questionnaire to each department requesting information to assist it with its Inquiry into the 2019-20 Financial and Performance Outcomes. Responses are due by 1 February 2021. The table below sets out the when the questionnaire response was received from the department and a link to the response. Responses will inform the financial and performance outcomes hearings with departmental secretaries.

Departmental responses to the 2019-20 financial and performance outcomes questionnaire

Department/entity Received Questionnaire Response
 Court Services Victoria  29 January 2021 pdfCSV Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire1.80 MB
 Department of Education and Training  3 February 2021
 22 February 2021
pdfDET Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire.pdf3.59 MB 
pdfDET revised response Questions 20 and 21794.78 KB

 Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

 Melboourne Water
 City West Water
 South East Water
 Yarra Valley Water


 Barwon Region Water
 Lower Murray Urban and Rural Water Corporation


Gippsland and Southern Rural Water Corporation
 Goulburn Murray Rural Water Corporation


 4 February 2021

pdfDELWP Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire2.67 MB

pdfMelbourne Water Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire1.36 MB 
pdfCity West Water Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire1.08 MB
pdfSouth East Water Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire1.20 MB
pdfYarra Valley Water Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire1.20 MB

pdfBarwon Region Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire1.19 MB
pdfLower Murray Urban and Rural Water Corp Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire1.23 MB

pdfGippsland and Southern Rural Water Corp Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire1.25 MB
pdfGoulburn Murray Rural Water Corp Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire1.25 MB

 Department of Health and Human Services

 17 February 2021

 12 March 2021

 12 March 2021

pdfDHHS Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire.pdf2.15 MB 

pdfAlfred Health reponse 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire1.45 MB

pdfMonash Health reponse 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire1.76 MB

 Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

 Development Victoria

 17 February 2021


pdfDJPR Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire.pdf2.76 MB
pdfDevelopment Victoria Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire.pdf1.51 MB
 Department of Justice and Community Safety  5 February 2021 pdfDJCS Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire4.55 MB
 Parliamentary Departments  4 February 2021 pdfParliamentary Departments Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire1.38 MB
 Department of Premier and Cabinet  5 February 2021 pdfDPC Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire.pdf2.46 MB 
pdfDPC Revised Response Question 2b740.92 KB

 Department of Transport

 Transport Accident Commission

 10 February 2021
  23 February 2021

pdfDoT Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire6.86 MB

pdfDoT Revised Response Questions 16, 23, 26927.58 KB

pdfTAC Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire3.32 MB
pdfVicTrack Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire3.34 MB

 Department of Treasury and Finance

 Treasury Corporation of Victoria
 Victorian Funds Management Corporation
 Victorian Managed Insurance Agency

8 February 2021

12 February 2021

pdfDTF Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire11.23 MB

pdfTCV Response 2019-20_FPO Questionnaire3.76 MB

pdfVFMC Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire5.81 MB
pdfVFMC revised response Question 19

pdfVMIA Response 2019-20 FPO Questionnaire5.45 MB



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