Inquiry into Budget Estimates 2004-2005

The Committee tabled its report on 11 November 2004.

Government Response

Final Report

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  1. Table of contents, summaries (PDF 563Kb)
  2. Introduction (PDF 206Kb)
  3. Government Response 2002-4 (PDF 356Kb)
  4. Overview (PDF 395Kb)
  5. Review of the Budget Papers (PDF 361Kb)
  6. Parliamentary Departments (PDF 377Kb)
  7. Education and Training (PDF 395Kb)
  8. Human Services (PDF 601Kb)
  9. Infrastructure (PDF 478Kb)
  10. Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (PDF 445Kb)
  11. Justice (PDF 782Kb)
  12. Premier and Cabinet (PDF 379Kb)
  13. Primary Industries (PDF 366Kb)
  14. Sustainability and the Environment (PDF 426Kb)
  15. Treasury and Finance (PDF 471Kb)
  16. Victorian Communities (PDF 559Kb)
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