Inquiry into 2009-2010 Budget Estimates

During the period May to June, the Committee holds public hearings to scrutinise the expenditure and activities of all government portfolios and the Parliamentary Departments.

All Ministers and senior departmental officers are invited to appear before the Committee and are questioned on the proposed expenditure of departments for the next financial year.

Before the Budget is brought down by the Treasurer, the Committee forwards a questionnaire to all departments seeking information to supplement the details that will be contained in the Budget Papers.

The Committee's objective in its scrutiny of the budget estimates is to:

  • constructively contribute to improving the presentation of budget information, to the Parliament and the community of Victoria;
  • facilitate a greater understanding of the budget estimates;
  • encourage clear, full and precise statements of the Government's objectives and planned budget outcomes; and
  • encourage economical, efficient and effective administration.

The aim of the Committee is to table the report during debate on the appropriation bills in the Parliament.