Current Inquiries
Inquiry into Gender Responsive Budgeting
Inquiry into Auditor-General’s report No. 253: Managing School Infrastructure (2017)
Inquiry into Auditor-General’s report No. 202: Meeting Obligations to Protect Ramsar Wetlands (2016)
Inquiry into the 2017-18 and 2018-19 Financial and Performance Outcomes
Inquiry into the 2020-21 Budget Estimates

Past InquiriesCompleted Date
Inquiry into the 2019-20 Budget Estimates29-10-2019
Recommendation on the appointment of a person to conduct the performance audit of the Auditor-General and the Victorian Auditor-General's Office16-10-2019
Report on the appointment of a person to conduct the financial audit of the Victorian Auditor-General's Office30-04-2019
Inquiry into the 2018-19 Budget Estimates18-09-2018
Inquiry into 2016-17 Financial and Performance Outcomes01-05-2018
Inquiry into the 2017-18 Budget Estimates31-10-2017
Inquiry into 2015-16 Financial and Performance Outcomes24-05-2017
Inquiry into the 2016-17 Budget Estimates24-11-2016
Recruitment of the new Victorian Auditor General 201618-08-2016
Inquiry into the Impact on Victorian Government Service Delivery of Changes to National Partnership Agreements23-06-2016
Inquiry into the Performance Audit of VAGO 2015-1609-06-2016
Inquiry into the Financial Audit of VAGO 201609-06-2016
Inquiry into 2013-14 and 2014-15 Financial and Performance Outcomes04-05-2016
Inquiry into the 2015–16 Budget Estimates11-12-2015
Inquiry into Allegations made against the Auditor-General10-11-2015
Inquiry into the 2014-15 Budget Estimates17-09-2014
Inquiry into Financial and Performance Outcomes 2012-1307-05-2014
Inquiry into the 2013-14 Budget Estimates16-10-2013
Performance Audit of VAGO 201326-06-2013
Inquiry into Financial and Performance Outcomes 2011-1208-05-2013
Inquiry into Effective Decision Making for the Successful Delivery of Significant Infrastructure Projects12-12-2012
Inquiry into the 2012-13 Budget Estimates12-09-2012
Inquiry to Financial Audit of VAGO 201223-05-2012
Inquiry into Financial and Performance Outcomes 2009-10 and 2010-1119-04-2012
Inquiry into Victorian Auditor General's Office Reports January to June 200914-03-2012
Inquiry into the 2011-12 Budget Estimates14-09-2011
Inquiry into Victoria’s Audit Act 199407-10-2010
Inquiry into the 2010-2011 Budget Estimates16-09-2010
Inquiry into Victorian Auditor General's Office Reports15-09-2010
Inquiry into Financial and Performance Audit of AG and VAGO 201018-08-2010
Annual Reports28-07-2010
Inquiry into Financial and Performance Outcomes 2008-0906-05-2010
Inquiry into 2009-2010 Budget Estimates02-01-2010
Inquiry into Victoria's Public Finance Practices and Legislation01-01-2010
Inquiry into Financial and Performance Outcomes 2007-0809-11-2009
Inquiry into Budget Estimates 2008-200916-10-2008
Inquiry into Strengthening Government and Parliamentary Accountability in Victoria04-04-2008
Inquiry into Trustee Arrangements for Governing the Parliamentary Contributory Superannuation Fund11-10-2007
Inquiry into Budget Estimates 2007-200821-09-2007
Inquiry into Private Investment in Public Infrastructure04-10-2006
Inquiry into Budget Estimates 2006-200715-09-2006
Inquiry into Budget Outcomes 2004-200528-04-2006
Inquiry into Legislative Framework for Statutory Independent Officers of Parliament08-02-2006
Inquiry into Budget Estimates 2005-200601-12-2005
Inquiry into Parliamentary Control and Management of Appropriations15-09-2005
Inquiry into Corporate Governance in the Victorian Public Sector19-05-2005
Inquiry into Budget Outcomes 2003-200420-04-2005
Inquiry into Services for People with an Intellectual Disability 16-12-2004
Inquiry into Budget Estimates 2004-200512-11-2004
Inquiry into Victorian Rural Ambulance Services 10-11-2004
Inquiry into Budget Estimates 2003-200418-09-2003
Inquiry into Budget Estimates 2002-200326-08-2003