Fact Sheets and Information Sheets

Fact Sheets and Information Sheets

**** We are currently updating fact sheets following the 2018 election.
Some fact sheets and information sheets may be out of date.**** 

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Assembly fact sheets

Council information sheets


Information relating to Legislative Assembly  Legislative Council
Parliament and the Houses

Finding information about the Assembly and Parliament

Government business program Opening

Why is the Assembly green?

Types of debate in the Assembly

About the Legislative Council

Council Chamber


Architectural Features and Furniture


In the Assembly

In the Council

Bills, Amendments and Making Law

How a bill becomes law

Tracking legislation on the internet

Amendments to bills in the Assembly

Understanding a bill

Reasoned amendments in the Assembly

Bills in the Council

A typical Sitting Day

In the Assembly

In the Council

Questions and Question Time

Question Time

Questions on Notice

Adjournment Debate

Questions in the Council

Questions on Notice

Adjournment Debate 

Divisions and Decision Making


In the Assembly 

Speaker's casting vote in the Assembly

Altering Victoria's Constitution

In the Council

Privilege   and Standards

Members' code of conduct

Sub judice convention

Communication of the Houses

Assembly Communications with the Governor and the Council

Opening of Parliament

Opening of Parliament in the Legislative Assembly

Opening of Parliament in the Legislative Council


Elections for the Assembly

New Electoral System for Victoria's Legislative Council

Legislative Council's Electoral   System 1851-2003

Right of Reply

In the Assembly

In the Council

Who’s Who in Parliament

Roles in the Assembly

The Speaker of the Assembly

The Clerk of the Assembly

The Serjeant-at-Arms in the Assembly

Independent Officers of Parliament in the Assembly


President of the Council

Officers of the Legislative Council

Role of a Private Member in the Legislative Council


Assembly fact sheet

Council information sheet

Documents and Reports

Documents tabled in the Assembly

Assembly Votes and Proceedings

Tabling of Reports and   Documents in the Council

Notice Paper for the Council

Council Minutes of the   Proceedings

History and Tradition

Victoria's parliamentary history

Women in Parliament