Questions on Notice No 6233
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 13 October 2021

Question on Notice

Ms Sandell to ask the Minister for Transport Infrastructure — With regard to the construction of the flood wall which will be installed along Childers Street in Kensington as part of the Metro Tunnel Project: 

(1) What is the total projected cost of the flood wall design and installation.

(2) What are the details of the community consultation process, including which organisation was responsible for undertaking community consultation.

(3) Did the Government consider alternative designs; if so, what are the details of these designs.

(4) What were the criteria by which the successful design was chosen.

(5) Are there any further opportunities for residents to provide feedback or objections to the design.

Answered: 23 November 2021

I thank the Member for Melbourne for her continued interest in the Andrews Labor Government’s Metro Tunnel Project.


The Metro Tunnel will bring more trains to Melbourne’s suburbs and reduce travel times by running the busy Cranbourne, Pakenham and Sunbury lines through new tunnels under the city.


As an entry and exit point to the Metro Tunnel, the western tunnel entrance at Kensington is an important component of the project with significant works undertaken at this location.


Beginning in 2019, the project team engaged with the local community as part of the Development Plan planning approval process and found significant interest in the design of the 300-metre flood wall on Childers Street.


In response, a creative design treatment for the flood wall was proposed and the team worked closely to develop a creative design brief. The brief asked creative designers to respond to key themes which evolved from previous community engagement including:

   Landscape and nature

   Heritage and local area history

   Recreation, sport and community

   Urban design intent.


The appointed independent art curator invited several creative designers to develop a response to the creative design brief. An advisory panel was established to select a specialist designer and oversee the design process. The advisory panel shortlisted five designers to develop concepts for consideration. The advisory panel consisted of members of the Rail Infrastructure Alliance (RIA), Rail Projects Victoria (RPV), the City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria, Office of the Victorian Government Architect, and an independent First Nations architect.


Each designer then presented their concepts to the panel assessed against criteria including response to the Creative Design Brief themes, originality and ambition of ideas, design feasibility of materials and construction methodology, and the technical capability of the designer to work with the project's architecture, urban design and engineering teams.


Stephen Banham was selected as the specialist designer for the flood wall for his concept design ‘One Day in our Park’ celebrating JJ Holland Park and its importance to the local community.


Stephen was introduced to the community and the team sought additional insight into the local community’s connection to JJ Holland Park. This included a community survey, a school drawing competition via Kensington Community Children's Co-operative, and a meet the artist’ session with Kensington Community Reference Group members, the City of Melbourne, and other previously consulted groups.


Feedback was provided to Stephen to assist with the development of his creative vision for the flood wall and to ensure his design considered the views of the wider community and key stakeholders in the area. The phrases on the wall were inspired by community input, with some phrases installed verbatim. The green palette was selected to reference the changing shades of green over the course of a day in the park, ensuring the flood wall is sympathetic to its parkland surrounds.


The project team has worked closely with Stephen and the local community to strike a balance between incorporating community feedback and realising the designer’s creative vision for the Kensington flood wall. With the majority of the installation to be complete by late 2021, there has been multiple accounts of positive feedback from the community on the design.


The flood wall design and installation cost is within the overall project budget.






Hon Jacinta Allan MP

Minister for Transport Infrastructure