Register of Members' Interests

Members of the Victorian Parliament must, by law, declare their personal interests.  These declarations form a register of members’ interests.  We prepare a summary of that register and make it publicly available each September.  The register adds to the integrity and transparency of the Parliament.  Members must declare personal interests as they potentially conflict with their public duties.

Members do not have to declare their salary, allowances and superannuation benefits paid under the Parliamentary Salaries and Superannuation Act 1968

The full residential addresses of Members are not shown in the register for privacy reasons.

New members are required to submit a primary return within 30 days of being sworn in as a member. A cumulative summary of declarations provided by Members is also published each year in September. Any changes to the register since the most recent cumulative summary can be obtained from the Parliamentary Library.

Reports under the Members of Parliament (Register of Interests) Act 1978 are tabled in Parliament and can be accessed via our online Tabled Documents Database --> here.