Enhancements at Victoria’s Parliament House

A number of works projects are underway at Parliament House in Melbourne to modernise and improve access arrangements at the building.

The Presiding Officers have approved four initiatives as part of ongoing projects to maintain and update one of Victoria's most iconic landmarks.

The works include new public access arrangements at the front and back entrances; improvements to the car park entrance; and updating of the perimeter fencing.

“As a building that dates from the 19th century, works are needed to ensure that Parliament House continues to meet the needs of a 21st century Parliament,” the Presiding Officers said.

“That includes ensuring relevant arrangements are in place to take account of increased demand for visitor access to the building and the need to maintain safety and security in a heightened alert environment.”

The works take into account a review of security at Parliament House by Victoria Police and provide for improved screening facilities.

At the same time the works will progress necessary upgrades to building features, such as the perimeter fencing, that are outdated.

“In the life of a building there are always projects that need doing to ensure that the facilities keep up with the times,” the Presiding Officers said.

“The current election period, when the Parliament is not meeting, is an ideal time to undertake these works.”

The Presiding Officers are keen for the community to continue visiting Parliament House to see Parliament in action, to take tours and to participate in events.

“Modernising the entrance arrangements will help give the community confidence in visiting their Parliament and ensure that their access is assisted through efficient screening processes.”

Car park access changes will have the dual advantage of providing improved security and allowing improved egress into the busy Melbourne traffic.

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