Legislative Assembly

The Legislative Assembly is the Lower House of the Parliament of Victoria. From this page you can access all the information that is specific to the Assembly including the agenda (the notice paper), the minutes (the Votes and Proceedings), members and staff.

The Legislative Assembly next sits on Wednesday, 19 December, 2018.

The Governor will open the 59th Parliament on Wednesday 19 December 2018

Proclamation for the commencement of Parliament pdf243.42 KB

10.15 am
Welcome to Country

11.00 am
The sitting starts
The Clerk reads the proclamation convening Parliament
The Clerk announces the receipt of the writ, advising which members were elected
The Governor’s Commissioner swears in the members. Members take an oath or make an affirmation
Members elect a Speaker and Deputy Speaker

1.10 pm
Governor arrives
Smoking ceremony on the front step
Speaker and members are presented to the Governor

2.00 pm
Members attend the Legislative Council Chamber to hear the Governor’s speech

4.00 pm
Question time
Formal business
The Speaker reports the Governor’s speech to the Assembly
A member moves the Address-in-Reply to the Governor’s speech. Debate follows. Some members make their inaugural speeches

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