Salute for 48 years of service

Yiannis Tremoulas 1

Electrician Yiannis Tremoulas has received a special parliamentary tribute for 48 years of service at Victoria’s Parliament House.

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Telmo Languiller and President of the Legislative Council Bruce Atkinson recognised the work and achievements of Mr Tremoulas during sittings of the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council attended by the retiring Department of Parliamentary Services employee.

Speaker with Yiannis

Speaker Telmo Languiller congratulates Yiannis Tremoulas

The Speaker said Mr Tremoulas had contributed tremendously to the Parliament through his technical expertise.

“Yiannis’s knowledge of the electrical system of Parliament is extremely valuable. Over the years he has seen many changes to the building and to his duties,” Mr Languiller said.

“He used to repair the microphones and record the proceedings in the Assembly chamber. One of his duties continues to be testing all the bells and microphones throughout the house and grounds. All of this knowledge is extremely valuable to his new co-electricians.

“Yiannis has an incredible eye for detail and is a craftsman who takes pride in his work.

“Yiannis has a big heart and genuine affection for his work and colleagues. On behalf of the Victorian Parliament and all of our colleagues, we wish him all the best and a happy retirement.”

The Speaker said Mr Tremoulas would be missed.

"I will particularly miss our very good yarns about football—the world game," Mr Languiller said.

In the Legislative Council members applauded Mr Tremoulas as the President spoke about his extraordinary service.

“Yiannis and his team have chased down a lot of wires in the last few years to find redundant ones that probably date back to the very beginnings of this building in order to ensure that the building’s electrical and support systems are up to scratch,” Mr Atkinson said.

“Yiannis, you have done a wonderful job. You have also mentored a number of new staff, some of whom are in the gallery today, and I know they will miss you as both a friend and a colleague. They will miss your cheerful disposition, and I am sure that many members have been on the receiving end of your smile and greeting as they have come into this building.

“We thank you for that, and we hope there will be occasions when you will come back and visit us again.”

Speaking after the special tribute, Mr Tremoulas said he was thrilled by the honour bestowed on him by the Presiding Officers and the Parliament.

“I enjoyed every single minute of it,” Mr Tremoulas said when reflecting on his time at Parliament.

Two years after arriving from his native Greece, Mr Tremoulas started working at Parliament House as an employee of the Public Works Department before joining the parliamentary service in 1981.

He still remembers his first day, when he had a chance encounter with then Premier Henry Bolte.

Yiannis Tremoulas 2

First day at work for Yiannis Tremoulas included an encounter with Henry Bolte

“I have seen many Premiers since that time,” he said, naming each and every one of them.

Recognised for the special care he took when working in a heritage building, Mr Tremoulas said it was important to be particular about the work so as not to damage the precious historical elements of the building.

“It was in my blood this kind of artistic work that this building has offered,” he said.

“You can only do this sort of work with the perfection it needs if you have a love for it.”

As for retirement, the first thing he will be doing is helping his children with a renovation project, using the skills he has demonstrated so well at Victoria’s Parliament House.

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