Inaugural speeches showcase diversity

Vestibule Mosaic

Members of parliament newly elected at the November 2014 Victorian state poll have completed the presentation of their inaugural speeches to parliament.

The speeches highlighted the diversity of issues that are of interest and relevance to members and their communities, as well as the diverse backgrounds and life experiences of the new parliamentarians.

Taxation, social inclusion, gender equality, agricultural research, organ donation and the impact of drug abuse on regional communities were some of the myriad topics covered in the speeches.

A total of 36 inaugural speeches were delivered, 13 in the Legislative Council and 23 in the Legislative Assembly.

The new members thanked their communities for choosing them as their representatives, spoke about the people who have inspired them, and paid tribute to the volunteers who worked on their campaigns.

The inaugural speeches were delivered as part of the Address-in-Reply debate, responding to the Governor’s speech delivered at the opening of the 58th Parliament.

Inaugural speeches can be read in Hansard or watch our news video on inaugural speeches.

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