Inquiry into 2014 Victorian state election


The Victorian Parliament’s Electoral Matters Committee is conducting an inquiry into the 2014 Victorian state election.

As part of its investigations the Committee is seeking evidence from a wide range of stakeholders in Australia’s electoral community, including every political party and independent candidate that contested the 2014 Victorian state election. The Committee will be holding public hearings at Parliament House in August 2015.

Committee Chair Louise Asher noted that this is third inquiry into a Victorian state election by the Electoral Matters Committee.

“These inquiries give all Victorians an important and unique opportunity to tell Parliament what they think about how Victorian elections are run,” she said.

The Committee encourages submissions from all Victorians about any aspect of the conduct of the 2014 Victorian state election, including the work of the Victorian Electoral Commission, the method of voting for the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, and Victorians’ experience with early voting.

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