Views sought on onshore unconventional gas


A Victorian parliamentary inquiry is seeking community views on the exploration, extraction, production and rehabilitation for onshore unconventional gas in Victoria.

Chair of the Victorian Parliament’s Environment and Planning Committee, Hon. David Davis, said the inquiry is an opportunity for all Victorians to have their say on what has been a controversial issue around Australia.

“The Committee has been asked to look at unconventional gas in Victoria,” Mr Davis said. “Over the coming months we will be talking to communities, industry, scientific and legal experts and a broad range of groups and individuals. It is important that we hear firsthand from the community about this industry, both its risks and its benefits.”

Unconventional gas refers to coal seam gas, shale gas and tight gas, and is sometimes extracted using hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’. There is currently a moratorium on the further development of unconventional gas resources.

The Committee has called for written submissions within its terms of reference which focus on:

  • The potential benefits of onshore unconventional gas as an energy source
  • The potential risks, including risks to the environment, land productivity, agricultural industries and public health, and whether such risks can be managed
  • The impact on the legal rights of property owners and existing land and water uses
  • How this issue is managed in other Australian and international jurisdictions
  • Potential changes to our legislative and regulatory framework.


Details about how to make a submission or contribute at a public hearing can be found on the Committee’s website:

Submissions close on 10 July.

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