Rate capping inquiry invites submissions

Town Hall

A Victorian parliamentary inquiry is seeking community views on the Victorian Government’s policy of rate capping for local councils.

Chair of the Victorian Parliament’s Environment and Planning Committee, Hon. David Davis, said the inquiry would monitor the implementation of the policy announced this year.

“The Committee has been asked to report on the outcome of the policy, take a monitoring role and report back to the Parliament every six months,” Mr Davis said.

“There have been some concerns that the policy of capping rates could impact on the viability of local councils and have implications for the services and infrastructure that they deliver to local communities,” Mr Davis said.

“The Committee will consult with ratepayers, local government and other organisations to seek their views on how this policy has been established and what impact it may have.”

The Committee has called for written submissions addressing the terms of reference. Details about how to make a submission or contribute at a public hearing can be found on the Committee’s website: www.parliament.vic.gov.au/epc

Submissions close on 10 July.

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