Fiskville inquiry hears from firefighters

Fiskville hearing 2

Representatives from the United Firefighters Union and Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria have presented evidence to the Fiskville inquiry at its latest public hearing.

Firefighters have raised serious concerns about the way in which contamination at the CFA training college at Fiskville was handled and the impact this has had on them and their families.

The Victorian Parliament’s Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Committee has received more than 400 submissions to its inquiry and has held a series of public hearings, where it has heard from people who worked at and lived near the Fiskville site.

“Through this series of public hearings we have received comprehensive information on what has happened at the CFA training college at Fiskville and how people have been affected,” said Committee Chair Bronwyn Halfpenny.

The Committee is due to release an interim report before beginning a second round of hearings in the second half of the year.

The second round of hearings is expected to take evidence from key organisations, including the Country Fire Authority and agencies responsible for managing work safety and environmental protection matters in Victoria.

Transcripts from the public hearings are being made available on the Committee’s webpage once they have been produced.

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